Goals & Fun

Ok – quick recap of my goals from last month:

  • 1 new dance routine (gotta stick with it!)
  • pack my entire life up. again. *sigh* ;p
  • work at making Healthy Vegan Fridays awesome
  • relax and have fun =)

Alright, after having a perfect record each and every month with creating a new dance routine, I missed last month. With going on vacation (pics and update coming soon!) and moving, the month was just to busy and I decided not to overdo it by stressing out about this. July was a super fun month and I’ve enjoyed focusing more on relaxing then getting things done (although moving certainly was a lot of getting things done!).

We’re getting settled into our new place (pics to come!) and I’m enjoying the summer. So this month will be similar to last:

  • 1 new dance routine (for sure this month!)
  • unpack my entire life haha
  • relax & have fun
  • work on organising, decorating & furnishing the new place
  • scope out & sign up for new volunteer gigs

That’s is for now. I hope you are enjoying your summer! It’s going by quickly, so be sure to find time to savour it – I am sure am. Here is a sneak peek vacation pic:

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