Go Green Half Marathon

Guess what I did this past Sunday? Aside from lose an hour of sleep…


I guided my visually impaired friend David in running a half marathon. This is a picture of our running group pre-run. Three guides and three runners on cold, rainy Sunday. During training, David and I didn’t get as many runs in as we would have like due to illness and conflicting schedules. As a matter of fact, our longest run before this one, was a mere 8 miles. I asked him if he wanted to just drop down to the 10km run instead, but he said he wanted to run the full half.

And run we did! It rained the entire time. It was cold and miserable. Part of the trail was flooded and we ended up wading through huge puddles and even got lost at one point. It took us longer than expected and I told him we could turn around whenever he wanted, but he persevered and we finished. We had to walk part of it, he ended up with sore legs, a blister and even a back spasm. I pulled a quad around mile 10.

Had I signed up for this on my own, I am sure I would have turned around or even skipped the race altogether. But he inspired me to keep going. This was only his second half marathon and though he didn’t finish in the time he was hoping for, the fact that he finished is a huge accomplishment. I am honoured to have run with him.

I started guide running 9 months ago and I love it. Running is something I enjoy quite a bit and to be able to share that with others who aren’t easily able to run alone is worthwhile to me. I have the privilege of running with 3 amazing people who I consider good friends.






Congrats to David for finishing his second half marathon. Congrats to David (other David haha) for finishing the half marathon with a new PR! And congrats to Candy for completing her first 10km. Looking forward to many more runs with all of you.

David – if you read this, I admire you for everything you do. Running any distance is a feat all in itself, let alone running without sight. I can’t imagine putting my trust in someone the way you do to me.


11 thoughts on “Go Green Half Marathon

  1. Awww Kimmy! What an amazing thing you are doing – I have a hard time running a half-marathon (or even just 1km!) and I have perfect vision, so it is really inspiring to see you guide running with David! Well done on running the half marathon :)

    1. Nah – I’ve ran a few of them before. But not in awhile. Oh, I should clarify that it was 9 months of running with the group. I’ve actually been running several years. Pretty sure it took me quite a bit longer than 9 months to run my first half! ;p Thanks Kari =)

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