Glorious Long Weekends

Not only was it special enough that Terry had Monday off this week, but he took Friday as a vacation day so he could take me on a super fun day trip up north. Yay!

Friday was a dreary day here. We have been getting rainy season in California and it is yucky. I’m talking flash floods, rock/mud slides and even threat of a huge dam breaking. Not fun times. Sunny walked outside Friday morning and was almost blown over by the gusting winds. She decided to let me know we wouldn’t be going for our morning walk haha. Terry and I still made the trek up north though. And it was worth it. We even had a few moments where the rain let up.


Our first stop was Muir’s Tea Room in Sebastopol. I had been before, but Terry hadn’t and I was excited for him to try it. This ended up being a belated Valentine’s Day celebration and it was perfect.

We ordered Hope of the World which includes 2 endless pots of tea (so enjoyable on a wet and rainy day), 2 cups of soup, 2 small salads, 6 finger sandwiches, a sausage roll, 2 scones with jam & butter and an assortment of petit desserts.

First up, mushroom artichoke soup. How lucky was it that one of my all time favourite flavour combos was in the soup the day we went??


Salad came next. Light, crisp and delicious.


And then shit got real. Check this tray out!


We happily agreed to get 3 eggless salad sandwiches & 3 Field Roast sandwiches. Neither of us was particularly interested in PB & J.


The scones were fresh out of the oven, warm and nicely melted the butter. And the pastry around the nicely seasoned sausage was flaky perfection. Yes, a gluten cheat day for me 😉


The desserts were quite nice. A few were a little sweet for us, and I’m not typically a fan of thumbprint cookies, but the peppermint pattie was refreshing. I tend to prefer chocolate things, but the vanilla, strawberry cupcake was my favourite. It was so flavourful.


More tea please.


Mini cupcake? I think so!


The service is very friendly and much quicker than we anticipated. And the price was quite reasonable, especially compared to other tea places I have visited. If you are ever up in the Sebastopol area, I highly recommend this place. I found the 2 hour drive well worth it and we will head back again sooner than later.

We wandered around the streets feeling like a cute, small town. We found a bookstore and I left with 2 despite my new 1 book purchase per month rule. Terry found some Star Wars scores at another store and has been since serenading me on the piano with it. It started raining again, so we headed to Macy’s where I found socks on sale and a pair of bright pink tights half off. Stay tuned for pictures of those haha.

We stopped by Amy’s Drive Thru on the way out to go back home. Neither of us were particularly hungry, but both were wanting to give a few things a try.


We each got The Amy burger with fries. I tried the chocolate milk shake as well, because, why not?


Kind of junky food, but it was really good. Quick, friendly service and reasonable prices. Just be sure to specify vegan as it’s not completely plant based. Worth the stop =)

Other weekend highlights include:

Picking lemons off of a fallen lemon tree (nasty storm I tell you!):



Lemon recipes appreciated!

Doggie playdates:


Maybe doggie napdates… haha

Making fancy cheezecakes for friends belated birthday celebrations:


Puppy treats:


And running with friends in the rain:


How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Glorious Long Weekends

  1. I love high tea, but it is pretty hard to find a vegan one, and if you can find one they are often raw. And you know how I feel about raw and coconut oil.
    Was the sausage roll a sausage wrapped in pastry? Like a ‘pig in the blanket’? Here sausage rolls have a ground sausage in them, and they are a very iconic Australian food. I haven’t heard of a sausage roll in America before.

    1. Raw high tea? I’m not sure that sounds so great… I guess I just think of nice, warming things when I think of fancy tea. The sausage roll was wrapped in pastry! It was like a vegan hotdog in a crescent roll… but fancy 😉 I think ground sausage in a roll would be a little fancier for tea.

  2. OMG, I’m so jealous! That tea looks amazing! Matt would never go with me to an afternoon tea but it looks like Terry had a good time! I would mess up everything they served and the the Amy’s on the way home.

    The doggie playdate looks so cute!

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