Girl Scout Cookie Potluck

Oh yes, this happened. If you haven’t yet joined a vegan meetup group in your area, I suggest you do so pronto so you can have fun get together filled with delicious cookies like this! I am the organizer of a vegan group in the San Francisco Bay Area and it is so much fun. Robin and I try and come up with unique things to do with the group. It’s usually food-related, but we also go for hikes, roller skating and dance parties. I really like hiking and dancing and Robin is really good at coming up with distinctive parties, like our Nightmare Before Christmas Party. We also just had a cupcake party.  My favourite to date was our tea party.

This time round we had a Girl Scout Cookie Exchange. Robin was recently talking about Girl Scout Cookies and I told her that I had never had one. Her jaw just about dropped to the floor and she said that needed to be corrected asap! So we set up the meetup and asked everyone to make a vegan version of a girl scout cookie.

We had Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies:

Lemon Pastry Creams:

and Kookaburras:

Robin made Samaos:

And I tried my hand at making vegan & gluten free Thin Mints:

You can find the recipe here. They didn’t turn out very thin, but I have never tried the original. I LOVED the way these turned out. It was my first time making gluten-free cookies and have them turn out so well. They were delicious. And so simple to make! I didn’t temper the chocolate and they still turned out well.

We had the cookie party on π day, so we also had some pie to celebrate. I made a raw pie, but forgot to take pictures. Hope you had a fun weekend and enjoyed some delicious pie =)

What fun potlucks have you been to recently?

2 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookie Potluck

  1. wow that sounds fun – never heard of kookaburras but am curious about what it is because sounds aussie (looks a bit like chocolate crackles). I always find the American idea of girl scout cookies strange because we used to sell Girl Guide biscuits when I was a kid and there was just one type of biscuit and it was very very plain. I am off to a bloggers potluck on Sunday which I am looking forward to – has been ages since I went to one

    1. I find the American idea of cookies strange too as they are different in Canada – and they are also very plain. Potlucks are the best – it’s such a good way of having minimal prep with the dish you bring but getting to try so many different things =)

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