Fun Run & the hurt ankle

Can you guess what this is???

Any guesses???

I can’t think of a good hint, so I’ll just tell you. It’s a picture I took from a run I recently did. A Rave Run. It was pretty fun! A little disorganized mind you, but pretty awesome overall. It was a run at night (my first!) and it was 5km of running around a fair ground all lit up with fun and cool light shows. Oh it’s a picture of a bunch of runners wearing glow stick necklaces.

Here is me and my partner in crime before the run:

I didn’t have to search my drawers very long for brightly coloured attire. Shocker ;p

A lot of people dressed up.

It was an experience for sure!

It was pretty fun, I enjoyed myself. But I’m not really sure I’d do it again. It started 45 minutes late and there were two many people (20,000?!), and no one really stuck to the runners on the right and walkers on the left (in all fairness, that is the opposite of what we’re used to). But, it is definitely fun to keep the routine varied and not do the same type of races over and over though =)

In other news… I hurt my ankle. I’d say again, as this feels like déjà vu for me as I sprained my ankle 6 months ago. But it’s a completely different ankle (different foot and all!) and it’s not a sprain. It sounds like it’s a minor stress fracture. Have any other runners had this problem?  Not much showed up on the x-ray, so they aren’t even quite sure it’s a stress fracture, but it just seems like the most likely culprit.

I have to admit, my first thoughts were “What did I do wrong?” I wondered about overtraining, but I was not. I thought maybe my diet was too acidic… but it’s not – I’ve been eating pretty darned healthily. I’ve definitely been drinking enough water. Not too much stress emotionally, and I’ve been getting the perfect amount of rest (sleep and physically). So I guess I just have to let it go and think that this just happens sometimes and not automatically assume it was something I was doing wrong, or something I wasn’t doing right. Now that it has happened, I’ve been resting lots, icing it lots (as strangely enough it’s been swollen, although this has gone down significantly with the icing). I’m able to walk and bike and continue all normal and low-impact activities. But no running for about a month :( It makes me sad… BUT, I will try swimming for a bit. It’s good to have varied activities, our bodies like variety – they honestly aren’t much for the same, repetitive exercises. I’ll look at this as a way to branch out and be creative with my workouts. I did actually go for a swim Friday and it felt wonderful. I used to adore swimming, not sure why I stopped.

Anyway, I’ll take it easy. And this will also be a great opportunity to lighten up on foods like tomatoes & bell peppers as nightshade veggies are pretty inflammatory foods and cook more with turmeric a great anti-inflammatory spice.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. And Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canucks =)

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