Fun in the Sun

It’s my first winter in California and I am enjoying it. I never liked the cold winters of Ontario. I have never liked snow (ok… maybe when I was a kid), I don’t ice skate or ski and I’ve always been more interested in decorating a palm tree than a blue spruce. Not to rub it in, but I went swimming the other day =)

Here is what I am used to by now:

Not exactly my idea of a nice Christmas. I know… what kind of Canadian am I? I really do think I was meant to live somewhere warmer. Somewhere sunnier. Somewhere with palm trees. Somewhere like Northern California.

I know you can see people wearing mitts and scarves – trust me when I say it was completely unnecessary. It was like 20 degrees! My husband and I were trying to figure out how they kept the ice cold in the skating rink.

We stumbled upon this Christmas in the Park in San Jose, California and checked it out Sunday.  The park is pretty big and there were tons of decorated trees.

They had to put down some kind of white tarp to make it look like snow though.

And here is something you wouldn’t see in a colder climate:

My hubby is not a fan of heights, so I didn’t end up going on this, but think I may try going again with some friends as I love ferris wheels.

It’s an interesting way to celebrate the holiday. To be honest, I don’t miss the weather back home at all, just the people.

On a different note, Mondays are days that I kind of lack energy. I think it’s because I get to spend the whole weekend with my husband and then he’s back to work Monday and I’m alone (as I can’t work in the States). I try to keep busy, but Mondays are kind of rough. So I decided to find a cure for the Monday blues.

Santa Cruz, California is just a short 40 minute drive from me. There are redwoods, the ocean and mountains and the town itself is a super cute little beach town that I fell in love with the instant I set foot in it a couple of years ago. It’s beautiful. I packed a lunch and drove up. I checked out some cute little shops, finished my Christmas shopping and took a stroll down by the beach. What a lovely way to start the week.

How is your holiday prep going? Are you all baked out yet? Are you done Christmas shopping?

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