Fun + Girls Day = Muir’s Tea & Amy’s Drive Thru


I recently heard that the coveted vegan brand Amy’s, opened a DriveThru nearby. I told one of my besties, Robin and she said “Road trip!” She said that if we’re driving alllll the way north for Amy’s, we should check out Muir’s Tea Room as well. No arguments here. We recruited some of our fav gal pals, piled up our cars and headed out.

Our first stop was for tea.



To be honest, I thought the tea sounded cool and all, but I was really more interested in Amy’s. But Muir’s did not disappoint!


Although the tea I tried was just ok, the food was outstanding.



Cute food tastes better… it just does.


I tried the Close to Nature’s Heart, which allowed me to try a pot of tea, a salad, 2 finger sandwiches, a scone and an assortment of treats. It was well worth the price.


I finally tried fieldroast on my sandwich… omg! So good!


Vegan scone? Yes, please!






I may have taken a couple of treats to go…

After wandering the cute streets and shops of the nearby Santa Rosa, we hit up Amy’s.


Why yes, that is grass growing on the roof



I heard the chili fries were the best, I opted for the regular though



Milkshake Love



Burger Love…



These places contract quite a bit. Muir’s Tea has a tranquil, comforting and beautiful atmosphere with a perfect setting for an intimate gathering with high quality service and food. Although Amy’s is more of a fast food, convenience place; it is still a nice, large location with indoor seating. I appreciate their efforts at keeping the “fast food” organic and I felt quite comfortable after eating their food instead of yucky like I normally do after that kind of food. I would highly recommend both of these places!

Muir’s Tea Room is located at 330 South Main Street, Sebastopol, CA

Amy’s Drive Thru is located at 58 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park, CA

14 thoughts on “Fun + Girls Day = Muir’s Tea & Amy’s Drive Thru

  1. Why oh why are there no cool vegan places (or any vegan places, actually) around my area? I am so envious! Both Muir’s Tea and Amy’s look so awesome!!!

  2. I love how you fit perfectly in with the cute lolita dresses in the tea house and so overdressed at the drive thru! It is cool that there is a vegan friendly tea shop, I always wanted to go to a place like that.

  3. That sounds like such a fun day! I love the contrast between the pretty high tea and then the burger joint. They both look great.
    I love high tea, but the only vegan high tea I can get here is a raw one and I have checked and almost everything is full of coconut oil. I have made my own a couple of times though, which was a fun experience!

  4. I’m so jealous of your day! It looks like you ladies had so much fun! I wish there was an all vegan tea room by me. My mom and I love going to tea. It’s been a bit harder since going vegan but when I went to Disney World in May, they catered to me and it was really lovely.
    I didn’t hear that Amy’s had a drive through! I need to go there. I hope they open one on the east coast!

  5. That afternoon tea looks unreal! So impressive to see they had vegan scones and cream (and it’s true, cute food does taste better!). Amy’s looks awesome too – what a day for food you had :)

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