From Hormonal Hell to Happy Healthy Hormones & update about me

First off: Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I hope you are all having a lovely holiday weekend. I was invited to a lovely thanksgiving dinner and will recap some amazing eats on Wednesday =)

Now, on to the post!

Top 10 reasons you might be in Hormonal Hell:

10) you can’t leave the house without a sweater in 90 degree weather

9) your mood swings are giving everyone (including yourself!) whiplash

8) you are so tired that going to bed by 9pm is sounding really good

7) your energy is gone. it magically disappeared with your clarity…

6) your cravings for salt are so strong you’re about to eat an entire tbsp of salt. plain.

5) you’re finding so much of your hair in the shower, you wonder if you’ll start to resemble a middle-aged man

4) commercials like this have you bawling like a baby (as does most everything else)

3) your menstrual cycle decides to go on strike

2) the pharmacy screwed up your HRT dosage. again.

and the #1 reason you may want to check your thyroid levels…. drum roll please!!!

1) you’re starting to look like a real, live version of Jessica Rabbit

Well, when it comes to hormones wreaking havoc on your poor body, you need to have a sense of humour. Especially if you go to sleep one night with C cups and wake up the following day with double D’s. It happens overnight, I swear! It’s always the thing that really tips me off about having a sluggish thyroid.

Here are some things I find helpful with hypothyroidism, or sluggish/low thyroid hormone:

-iodine rich foods (sea veggies like kelp, kombu, nori, dulse are great!)

-drinking a ton of water to stay hydrated

-exercising (it’s hard when you feel like you have no energy, but if you can push through, it will make you feel so much better!)

-listen to your body and sleep lots, it may seem excessive, but your body needs it right now

-avoid gluten (the protein, gliadin, evokes a fight response from your immune system – similar to an auto-immune reaction)

-de-stress (hot bath, long walk, dance party, vent to a friend, enlist your significant other for a back massage, etc)

These are all things I’ve just kind of picked up over the years as I’ve been struggling with hyperthyroidism for over 15 years, but I found this article by Kris Car incredibly useful. Check it out!

As for me, I’ve been feeling a little down. Kind of homesick since I’ve returned from visiting my family. I was chalking up some moodiness and lethargy to depression, but I had my thyroid hormone checked and it’s low. I haven’t been able to regulate it since moving here, so hopefully that will get straightened out. I’ve gained some weight again (after losing it!), but again, with low thyroid levels, that really is to be expected. I’m feeling anxious about not being able to work here, but have been trying to keep busy with volunteer work (I’ve been gradually adding to it to the point where I pretty well volunteer every day now with a variety of programs). Other than that, I’m gearing up for Halloween. It’s my absolute favourite day of the year! I am not sure what my costume will be yet though… any suggestions? What are you dressing up as?

4 thoughts on “From Hormonal Hell to Happy Healthy Hormones & update about me

  1. Hehe I love your sense of humour about the situation. Absolutely- if you have to live with it, might as well find the good? I love your suggestions too! I have a bit of hypothyroidism (although not nearly bad enough to justify hormone therapy) and I find iodine, selenium and adaptogens are my friends :) That and exercise, keeping warm (drinking tea!) and managing stress :)

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