Fit Tip Thursday #2 – Post-workout Snacks

Last month I introduced the idea of Fit Tip Thursdays. I talked about how to stay motivated during winter running. Today I’ll talk about the post-workout snack.

Last week, I had just come home from a great bootcamp workout with some fellow runners and was feeling that nice workout high. I was also feeling exhausted and hungry and looking forward to a good snack.

I walk in the door and my husband had a big bag of chips sitting on the counter. My stomach growled and told me to devour the whole thing. I had earned it after all!

I took a deep breath, reminded myself how crappy I would feel (physically and emotionally) and told him to put the chips in the cupboard. I fixed this instead:


Do I always eat this awesomely healthy after a workout? Heck no. But do I strive to as much as possible. You bet! This is a great post-workout snack. It has carbs to replenish your energy and protein to fuel that muscle building.

Other awesome post-workout snacks I enjoy:

  • protein bars (Lara Bars or Rawvolution)
  • apple & almonds
  • rice cake and nut butter
  • green smoothie
  • toast, nutbutter & banana
  • oatmeal
  • granola

The possibilities are endless! The most important things to try and get are a combination of carbs & protein. This will help restore your energy, promote healthy muscle gain and help repair muscle break down.

I also drink a ton of water all day every day – this really helps keep you hydrated and on top of your game. I also enjoy coconut water in smoothies and drink a glass after a particularly grueling workout as it helps rebalance those lost electrolytes.

What are your favourite post-workout snacks?

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