February Goals Update


Ok here is a recap of my February goals:

  • 1 new dance routine (recurring monthly goal)
  • work on my photography skills a bit
  • clothes shopping (I really dislike shopping so this is a big deal for me, I really need new clothes :/)
  • Hawaii Itinerary
  • try a yoga class (I try yoga again and again and am not a huge fan, but I want to keep trying until I find a class I enjoy or at least tolerate ;p)
  • try to find more balance in life (try to keep busy without keeping so busy I feel overwhelmed)

I’m pretty happy with the way things went last month. I love the fact that I post the monthly goals to you guys, because it motivates me more! I managed a new dance routine and I already have an idea for this month. I worked on my photography skills a bit (post to come with some pictures using my non-phone camera). The shopping wasn’t so bad. I ended up getting a couple of new shirts, a bathing suit & a new workout outfit =) I think I’m set for awhile. The Hawaii itinerary came together at the last minute (I have another post or 2 to show you guys more pictures). I didn’t end up trying a yoga class, but I did go to pilates which is similar. And I’m still working at finding more balance. I find it’s just hard not being able to work full time to find things to occupy my time without completely jam pack filling my days. I find it difficult to feel purposeful, I’ll continue to work at that though.

And now for the March goals:

  • 1 new dance routine (recurring monthly goal)
  • Sunny training (I slacked a bit with this in January and want a very well-behaved pup, we’re doing pretty well though!)
  • catch up on ironing (ha – I have been taking any wrinkled clothing out of the dryer and sticking it in a nice, neat pile and kind of forgot about it…)
  • find more ways to be purposeful (maybe add on another volunteer job)
  • work at pulling of a super amazing fundraising bake sale for the love of doggies!!! (let me know if you have any tips about marketing and getting help promoting this awesome event)

What goals are you working towards?

Well, that’s all for now folks. Hope you had a fantastic weekend, I’ll see you back here with an awesome recipe on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

Hey Mom – if I sit in the toy box, will you play with me????

3 thoughts on “February Goals Update

  1. I need to get back into posting my mini goals! Congrats on reaching the ones you did and making more! Good luck on those! Your dog is so sweet! LOVE the pic!

  2. Hi Kimmy, how’d the clothes shopping go? I’m with you on not loving that particular activity…

    That said, if you have a Nordstrom’s near you, they offer FREE personal shopping service. And it doesn’t break the bank! (Seriously!) When I tried it, the consultant worked within my tight budget, and I ended up with versatile, cute clothes that worked with pieces I already had.

    Oh, and cute pup overload!! So much adorable! 😀

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