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I have never been a fall fan. I know it’s pretty and all. But it cools off and is just a big reminder of my least favourite season ever. Winter. Ick. I don’t like cold or wet or cold, wet things that fall from the sky. However, now that I live in California, fall isn’t so bad. It doesn’t really get cold here which is nice. So I’ve grown to appreciate it more. And I do like fall foods =)

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23 Autumn equinox eats

I tend to think of warm, comforting foods for the theme of the day. So I made Crockpot Curried Potatoes with Chickpeas from Nachos4Breakfast. I have made it before and really enjoyed it. The second time ’round did not disappoint.


I love chickpeas and tomatoes and the combination with potatoes and coconut milk and the spices? Super delicious! And I love how this is ridiculously easy to throw together. Minimal prep, effort & cleanup. It takes awhile for it to be ready as it’s a slow cook crockpot recipe, but I find that makes for a perfect lazy Sunday evening dinner.


What are you favourite fall foods?

8 thoughts on “Favourite Fall Food

  1. Pumpkin and Butternut Squash but of course…. And Kabocha. But I haven’t eaten these since August 1st thanks to a trip to the hospital, and I probably won’t mess with them until Thanksgiving. :( It’s sad but true!

  2. Fall has grown on me since I was younger. I try not to think about winter even though fall leads right into it – I hate winter (at least I hate it right after New Years – for some reason I can deal with the cold until then).
    My favorite fall foods are pumpkin and squashes. I have been loving kabocha after finding it last year. My pups love it too! I will also partake in some apple cider which is fall in a glass for me.

    1. I hate the whole darned thing (winter). Horrible, awful season.
      Squashes are really amazing! They are so versatile and I’m excited to start using them again.
      Your pups like squash? How cute! I guess I should let Sunny try some. Oooh yes, apple cider!

  3. This sounds so warm and comforting. I don’t mind the early parts of autumn these days, because our summer was so harsh last year. But I still don’t like it when it gets cold!

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