Fantastic Friday

Good morning!! It’s Friday. Woohoo! I have a super exciting weekend going on. So. Super. Exciting.

You will not believe what I get to do today. In a previous post, I mentioned I do a lot of volunteer work. One of the organizations I help out is Make A Wish. It’s an organization that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Basically, it tries to put some happiness in an otherwise not very cool situation. I am a wish granter and it is my favourite volunteer gig so far =) It’s pure awesome helping make someone happy. And today, I get to cheer on Batkid!! Check it out. I’m pretty pumped about it.

In other, unrelated news, I have been trying new things lately. Terry and I went to the market last weekend and bought some fun, new things to try.

New flowers:

I always get the same kind of flowers from the market – pink gerbera daisies, but these looked so pretty I couldn’t pass them up. I have no idea what they are. Fresh flowers make me happy =)

We also found this crazy looking lemon:

Doesn’t it look like something out of a horror movie? Alien or something…

Apparently all you use it for is the zest part. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited to. It just looks fun to use!

And this isn’t entirely new, but we bought some persimmons. I’m not a huge fan, which is disappointing as it’s big here and you can’t get them in Ontario, but they just aren’t really my thing. But I bought some and thought I would try my hand at drying them out. This was my first attempt at drying fruit out and I was pleased with how simple it is.



They took about 8 hours.


What new foods have you tried lately?

Have a super fantastic weekend!

18 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

  1. I love persimmons! Only fuyu, though — I’m not keen on waiting/mashing the others.

    But FYI — they are EVERYwhere in Ontario! Well, here at least. I’ve been eating them for years.

    1. Haha… that’s too funny. I totally don’t remember seeing them in Ontario, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention ;p
      Fuyu are out right now, I should try eating one like an apple per everyone’s suggestions.

      1. Fuyu are generally eaten out of hand like an apple. It is the hachiya that is generally baked with. It has to be extremely ripe in order to bake with it, and then you can use it like you would any puree (like applesauce or pumpkin). Otherwise, the tannins will destroy your mouth!

    1. Ha – I should have known you would know about the lemon. It’s pretty good! All I’ve done so far is great it on top of salad, but it was pretty yummy.
      Squashonade sounds totally yummy ;p

    1. Try drying them out – I actually don’t mind them dried and you can’t really smell them (I’m not a huge fan of the smell either)… but fair warning, they smell a bit while you are drying (they don’t after though). I think they would be especially good dried and then added to some granola or trail mix.
      Thanks Pamela =)

    1. It was SO COOL! I’m a lucky gal to be able to work with the organization =)
      The lemon is good! There isn’t any juice in it like a normal lemon, but the zest is extra tart and lemon-y and I love it in salads.

  2. This is too funny, because I have 2 persimmons on my counter waiting to ripen. I don’t know how long it will take since I am not as familiar with them (definitely not in Ontario) but wanted to try them since we’re in Texas. Dehydrating sounds like a great way to try if I don’t like them raw, though. :)

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