Epic Kitchen Fails and Delicious Pancakes

Sunny and I were having one of these mornings…

“Not another smoothie for breakfast…”

I love a good morning smoothie, but sometimes it gets repetitive… Sunny also loves morning smoothies as she inevitably gets a piece of the banana I throw in and bananas are her absolute favourite food on the planet. Yup – she’s adorable.

So I thought I would make pancakes. Delicious, fluffy pancakes. The only problem is that I have never successfully made pancakes in my life. Ever. And every time I try again, I think to myself that this will be the day I make perfect pancakes. I even found a super awesome recipe for  from this past Healthy Vegan Fridays shared my one of my fav contributors, Rebecca. Strawberry pancakes!

So I set out by following the instructions exactly. Except I was out of buckwheat flour and had to substitute (as I was putting away my flours, I noticed an almost full bag of buckwheat flour *facepalm*). And I didn’t have strawberry protein powder, which I think would have been cool to use. However, my favourite part of the pancakes was the strawberry purée. All I did was throw a handful of strawberries in my food processor and whirred them up. Done!

Except my pancakes look nothing like hers. This picture is super embarrassing! They stuck to my pan and didn’t quite cook properly and came out looking very misshapen.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my not as great cooking efforts. I can’t make pancakes. They *always* turn out like this. Sometimes they are completely inedible… and not even cooked. Ha. But despite these pancakes lacking some prettiness, they were SO GOOD!
Go check out the Wild Strawberry Protein Pancake recipe. Maybe you can make yours look prettier. Well, at least follow the instructions ;p

What are your pancake tips for someone tying to get it right?

11 thoughts on “Epic Kitchen Fails and Delicious Pancakes

  1. Oh man I have had my share of pancake mishaps! The key for me has been: waiting till the pan is hot, but make sure to cook over medium to medium-low heat, well greased pan (don’t be shy with that oil), patience (wait to flip and flip only once) and a super thin spatula to flip them with. Not foolproof but certainly helpful :)

    As long as the pancakes tasted good, that’s all that matters!

    1. Huh. Not sure I have done any of the tips you mentioned haha. I’m going to have to track down a thin spatula… part of my problem may be my pan too.
      They were delicious! I’ll try making them again with your tips =)

  2. Nice to see not everyone else has fluffy perfect pancakes – mine are often misshapen and lately they often seem to burn so I have been turning down the heat to medium once the pan is hot enough – I often the use the back of the spoon to spread the mixture a little which sometimes helps to make them round. Love the idea of strawberry puree in them. I swirl some margarine around the pan after each batch of pancakes. Not the healthiest way but they taste good. And then I sometimes stack them with the prettiest on top :-)

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! Well I’m glad they tasted good 😉
    The key is a good non-stick pan + coconut oil + medium heat + small circles + let bubbles form and the edges “dry” + a good (non metal) spatula + a fast slip under the cake and flip while also lifting the pan and with the other hand to make less “air time” + well….that should be it…pretty easy from there 😉 It is an art one must master over time…with practice!

  4. Y’know, they’re not pretty, but I’m guessing they tasted great! I’m with Rebecca on a good non-stick pan (or griddle), and making sure the edges of the pancakes look a little dry before you flip them.

    Pretty much from the time I could walk, I made pancakes with my mom on weekend mornings, so making pancakes is a guaranteed way to make me smile.

    Also, Sunny is SO CUTE–love those ears!! Can I borrow her for some cuddles? :-)

    1. They actually were quite good! My mom tried showing me how to make pancakes… I’m just not much of a pancake gal. I’ll keep trying!
      You can totally borrow her for some cuddles! She would love that. Especially if you have puppy treats ;p

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