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We don’t really buy vegetable broth much at our place. Since moving to California, we’ve kind of lost our appetite for soup. We make it once in awhile, but not enough to go through a whole carton of broth, so we started buying vegetable bouillon cubes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ingredients (I’m looking at you maltodextrin!), but couldn’t find one that met my approval. Considering we only use it once in awhile, I thought it wasn’t really a big deal.

But then my friend Sarina told me how she made her own veggie broth. Genius! She is a domestic goddess. She makes her own everything and is a true DIYer. I find making my own things a little intimidating, but this was really quite simple.

Step 1 – Save all of your veggie scraps over the course of a week in an airtight container in the fridge:



I saved carrot peelings, zucchini ends, celery bits, garlic trimmings & tomato tops. We don’t really eat onion, but I think this would be a nice addition.


Step 2: Throw all your savings into a pot and cover it with water and bring to a boil.


I also added some spices (dill, parsley, oregano, salt & pepper).

Step 3: Strain your broth into a bowl. Allow it to cool and pour it carefully into an icecube tray.


Put it in the freezer and once solidified, pop out the veggie cubes into an airtight container or ziploc bag for storing and throw it back in the freezer. I like throwing a cube in a pot while I’m cooking grains – it gives it a nice flavour.

I always feel bad about not being able to compost as there isn’t a program here and I have no backyard (or even a balcony!), so I like that this reuses vegetables.

I would love for you to share a  link to your favourite simple DIY projects & recipes.

8 thoughts on “DIY Veggie Broth

  1. I love making my own broth – it always feels like the pinnacle of domestic achievement! Your ice cube idea is great too. I’ve only made it after freezing vegetable ends over a few weeks (just throwing them in a container in the freezer) and unfortunately our recent freezer death means I’m without such scraps, but you’ve motivated me to start again with the concept :)

    1. That’s a good point about the containers having BPA. Some companies are starting to do BPA free cans, I try and stick to glass jars when I buy prepared sauces and such though. Crock pot veggie broth sounds like a fantastic idea! Thanks Judee =)

  2. I did something similar while I was in Houston and keep all my scraps in the freezer. My freezer is so small in my new place, I couldn’t even think of doing this just yet.. thank goodness we have curbside composting and hopefully, I will eventually have my own composter, too. 😉

    1. We have a pretty big freezer on top of our fridge and we hardly use any space in it, I really should be taking more advantage of things like freezer broths and such. You are such a lucky duck for having curbside composting! I miss that about living in Kitchener – we don’t have it out where I live now and I always feel so wasteful :/ I would like to see a future post about you and your composter!

  3. this looks great – I make stock using the freezer to store scraps which means I can avoid making stock but it is so good when I do and have it for soups and stews. It always feels good to give food scraps new life – I think I need an iceblock container like yours.

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