Disneyland Trip Part I

Guess where I went over Labour Day weekend?????? I’ll give you one hint:

DISNEYLAND! And I can tell you that it is indeed the most magical place on earth =) It was SO FUN! I had been wanting to go for quite awhile and when the chance to run the Disneyland Half Marathon came up, I couldn’t resist a weekend trip.

My hubby and I drove up with another couple and saw some nice sights along the way.

It was pretty cool when we arrived to Southern California too:

If you look really hard, you can see the Hollywood sign in the mountain in the background. I really want to check out Hollywood sometime… but back to Anaheim for now.

 We checked out the park and some rides.

(ok this one was actually from our hotel)

All in all, it was an incredible vacation =) I will have a post in the near future about the actual half marathon.

Happy Monday and have a great week!!!

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Trip Part I

  1. WOW! Awesome photos! Fun times! I have been to Disney World but not LAND. That first photo is amazing!!!! They all are but there is something special about that first one of the castle! The angle and all of the colors!

    1. Thanks Sunnie! Disneyland has some great food options! I ended up eating at Rancho del Zocalo – Mexican food. It was super tasty. They also have a bunch of carts with fresh fruit and we even found a place selling coconut water!

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