Dinner in the City

I first heard of Millennium restaurant in San Francisco before I even moved to Northern California. Alicia Silverstone talked about it on her blog and I was so excited to try it out. I had tried it out a couple of times actually, but Terry and I decided to make the final trek when we heard they were closing their doors April 30th of this year. We had a celebration to enjoy after all. Friday was our 16-year dating anniversary =) I know… who celebrates dating anniversaries anyway? Well… we do! Especially since we were dating for like a million years (or in actuality 7) before finally getting married. I didn’t want to start from scratch with the wedding anniversary. So we celebrate both. That generally means a nice dinner out and we don’t tend to go super fancy places as I’m happy enough going to the Whole Foods hot bar haha. But it was a great night! My apologies in advance for the terrible picture quality. I didn’t bring my camera and my phone doesn’t take great pics in dim-lighted places. We started off with roasted fingerling potatoes and made our way to the entrées.

Brok Pastry Purse


Achiote-Grilled Portobello Mushroom

 We were pretty full… but not too full for dessert!

Lemon Curd Tartelette and Chocolate Almond Midnight

The food was even better than we remembered. Just amazing =) There really isn’t anything else like it in our area and I was sad that it would be the last time I would experience such excellent food. Fortunately, they are relocating to Oakland and opening up mid-June. *phew*

Happy 16-year dating anniversary to my awesome-sauce husband!

What’s your favourite fancy restaurant?

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