Last week I shared all of the delicious food I had in D.C. This week is all about the sites. It’s pretty cool there! Tons of museums, lots of parks and so much beautiful, historical sites.

Our first stop was the Air & Space Museum:

We also checked out the Newseum:

Part of the Berlin Wall

View from the top of the Newseum (I’m wondering if the building next door is the Canadian Consulate)

We saw the National Geographic Museum:

We saw some cool sites:

Beautiful fall weather

And last, but certainly not least, the White House. I may have been able to see a little more than the average person from my awesome connections =)

I really enjoyed my visit! And looking forward to my next great adventure =)

2 thoughts on “D.C. Trip

  1. I love some holiday pics esp when they are as lovely as yours – was lucky enough to visit a friend in Washington years ago – the museums were amazing but wish I had visited more – isn’t that always the way with travel – but still was so worth the visit. You seem to have really seen lots of interesting museums

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