Curried Veggies with Tempeh Triangles


I don’t make curry dishes enough. I like to experiment with different flavours, but don’t do it very often. And seeing my curry powder banished to the back of my spice cupboard, sad and forgotten made me want to bring it out. I threw this recipe together after finding fresh snow peas and heirloom carrots at the Farmer’s Market.

This comes together quickly, perfect for a mid-week meal. I find grating carrots time consuming, so I normally just chop them. You can opt to chop in this recipe, just make sure you cook them longer. I find the grater setting on my food processor really makes quick work of shredding (extra dishes, but less time overall).

It’s got greens, grains and protein paired with a hint of spicy curry and brought together with a subtle sweetness. Mmmmm.


Curried Veggies with Tempeh Triangles (serves 4)

1 8oz package of tempeh, cut into triangles
2 tbsp of gluten-free tamari (or braggs/soy sauce)
4 carrots, shredded or sliced
1 cup of snow peas, trimmed & cut in halves
1 large handful of kale, de-stemmed & roughly torn into bite-size pieces
2 tbsp of tahini
1 tbsp of maple syrup
1 tsp of apple cider vinegar
1 tsp each of curry and turmeric (or less if you don’t love turmeric like I do!)
1/2 tsp each of dried ginger & garam masala
leftover quinoa

Heat a wok on the stove on medium heat. Add the tamari and the  tempeh, carefully coating the tempeh and cook until golden brown (about 5 minutes each side).

As the tempeh cooks, prepare the veggies. Place them all in a large bowl. In a separate, small bowl, mix together the tahini, maples syrup, apple cider vinegar & spices. Whisk the dressing until well mixed. Add this mixture to the veggies and stir it all up, allow it to marinate while the tempeh continues to cook.

Once the tempeh has cooked, remove it from the tempeh from the pan, give it a quick wipe and then throw the veggies in and heat until they have softened. Layer some leftover grains (I used quinoa) on plates, then the veggies and top it with the tempeh. Garnish with cilantro if you have some.


I’m sharing this with my fav bloghops – Healthy Vegan Fridays

5 thoughts on “Curried Veggies with Tempeh Triangles

  1. Sounds good! I found a nice mild curry powder a while ago that I enjoy using in dishes. My dad likes the super hot ones, which I just can’t even handle a little bit of!

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