Cupcake Brunch

Oh yes – that is right. A brunch with my lady friends entirely with cupcakes. YUM

I’m co-organizer for a vegan girls meet up group and we get together a few times a month and do some fun things together. We’ve gone hiking, we’ve hit up the Farmer’s Market, we eat out at fun & new places, we’ve had many potlucks; a cookie exchange for Christmas, a chocolate exchange for Valentine’s Day and most recently, a cupcake brunch. It is a great group of gals that I look forward to getting together with regularly. And this past get together was wonderful company and fantastic food!

I tried my hand at making a vegan and gluten free Fauxtess Cupcake. I borrowed Babycakes from the library several weeks ago in preparation for the brunch and was excited to take on the challenge. If you’ve noticed though, most of my recipes do not include any form of baking. I’m not much of a baker at all! Before going vegan I had just started feeling somewhat comfortable making easy things like brownies, cupcakes and banana bread. Then I went vegan and found it very difficult trying to veganize recipes. I had just started getting comfortable with vegan baking when I made the gluten-free plunge a year ago. I’m still not comfortable with gluten-free baking – things normally don’t rise properly, the texture is always wrong (this is especially true since I do not use any sort of granulated sugar and always try replacing it for maple syrup or agave or date paste). And to be completely honest, I found the babycakes recipe confusing (as did Terry). Despite the fact that they were tasty and all, they weren’t nearly as pretty as I was hoping they would be and they didn’t blow my mind by any means.

Some of the other cupcakes certainly did though!

One of the girls tried her first crack at gluten-free, vegan cupcakes and they came out perfect. They are banana cupcakes and the frosting was lucious.

She also made some green tea cupcakes and a savoury sundried tomato cupcake which were super tasty! Cupcakes don’t need to be sweet to be good.

Another girl made some vanilla bean cupcakes… I don’t seem to have a picture of them, but they were so very good! And she tried making a savoury cupcake as well, more like a vegan quiche with daiya. Mmmm.

And my friend Brie made chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting. The texture was perfect and the frosting was quite good. And she made them gluten-free for my benefit =) I seem to be missing a picture of those as well… but you can see all of the cupcakes in the first picture.

I also made some cute little raw mini-cupcakes.

And I ate waaaaay too many cupcakes. Good thing I’m starting a cleanse today! I’ll talk a bit more about that in this coming Wednesday’s post.

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend… even if it wasn’t filled with cupcakes like mine ;p

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