Conservatory of Flowers Potluck Picnic

Long weekends are for…


I have said this before, I’ll say it again – I LOVE potlucks. Where else can you bring 1 dish and try several? You know what’s even better than a regular potluck? A VEGAN potluck. Glorious weather in a beautiful park with fantastic friends and I don’t have to ask about any ingredients. Life is good.





I made an almond butter noodle bowl (recipe coming up this week!):


All of the food was super delicious!


I again took more pictures of food than people, but snagged a few people pictures.





A perfect way to kick off the long weekend.

Sunny and I met another friend hiking…


And I finished off the weekend volunteering at FanimeCon holding down a Make Β A Wish table.


Two of the posters included my very own wish kids:



Roadee was my first Make A Wish =)

Stay tuned for the recipe for the Almond Butter Rice Noodle Bowl later this week.

What have you been up to this weekend?

18 thoughts on “Conservatory of Flowers Potluck Picnic

      1. I need to minimize my social media sites too! I have Pinterest (never use it except to post HVF recipes) and Facebook (but I tend to use my personal instead of the blog one…) and Instagram (which I only ever do half arsed). Silly social media. I’ll check you out on facebook though.

  1. Ooo… looks like a great potluck, lots of food!
    Is that a scorpion? Meep!
    My weekend was working on Saturday, but pn Sunday I did yoga and working on my thesis and watched some TV, but I also had some fun making a new recipe for every meal. So it was pretty nice.

    1. The food was SO GOOD! I love potlucks. It is a scorpion. I was pretty excited about it. I’m getting quite the collection of pictures of exciting things I have met while hiking πŸ˜‰
      I’m glad your Sunday was nice – it sounds lovely =) You keep reminding me of how I need to try and get into yoga…

  2. A vegan potluck!!! :O that sounds so much fun – especially when you don’t have to ask about ingredients, I hate going places and trying to make sure I list everything that might not be vegan (“Does it have butter? Cheese? Milk? Gelatine? Eggs?”)!
    My weekend was so dull compared to yours – I must admit I’m a workaholic so my weekend involved doing admin work for my husband’s business (what weekend?! Lol). Although thankfully (!) I came down with a bit of a stomach bug so I spent a good part of the weekend in front of the tv, a rare event for me!
    I hope you have a great week Kimmy, I’ll be back on Friday for HVF πŸ˜€

    1. What a reason to be happy about a stomach bug πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you got some down time though.
      The potluck was great… I tend to only go to vegan potlucks, the food snob I am haha.
      Try not to work too hard this week Ms. Krya and I’ll see you Friday!

  3. Your weekend sounded awesome Kimmy! I need to get a vegan potluck started in my area. Like Kyra said above, it’s so much easier going to veggie potlucks so you don’t have to ask all those “does it have…” questions. Was that a scorpion? I would have bolted out of there lol! I’ve never seen on in person before.

    The northeast got hit hard with over 90 degree temps this past weekend. I went for a run in it (which was stupid) then did a lot of walking when heading out to see a soccer game. I overdid it and ended up feeling sick all of Sunday. :( Feeling better now but I need to realized I can’t do too much in that kind of weather!

    1. Have you tried Mary Ellen? That’s where I found most of my vegan friends. I didn’t really find a vegan group I like, so I host my own.
      It was a scorpion! Nah – it looked pretty chill, so I wasn’t worried. And I had a friend hold Sunny while I took the picture ;p
      Woah! You guys got some hot weather. I heard we’re getting 90’s later this week – you must be sending it our way.
      Oh no! That’s no good. I find I can’t do too much when it gets that hot. You get the humidity too, right? I hope you’re feeling better.

      1. I’m on a few meetups but most of them are not too close to me. I’ve gone to a few in the cities next to me but they’re usually meeting up in restaurants – which is totally fine but potlucks are so much more fun. :)

        I’d love some more vegan friends in my area. All mine are online or my one friend that’s vegan is over 2 hours away. Maybe I’ll start my own like you did!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I also love potlucks! Never been to a vegan one though… I think I need more vegan friends! πŸ˜‰

    My weekend was very emotional as I said goodbye to my daddy… The final goodbye. :(

    1. Have you tried Kate? That’s how I found some cool, vegan people here. I’m surprised you don’t have many vegan friends. I was in Montreal for a weekend once and could not believe all of the amazing & delicious vegan food! Better than California if I do say so myself.
      Kate – I am so very sorry about your dad. I lost mine 11 years ago and it doesn’t really get any easier. There is nothing I can say to make you feel better, but just know I’m here for you and please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to talk. *hugs*

  5. Hi Kimmy, I need to find a vegan potluck group, so fun! Although to be fair, most of my nutrition friends are pretty good about making vegan eats. Also, I’m loving the heart sunglasses. Can’t wait to see the recipe for your almond butter noodle bowl!

    I had family over twice over the Memorial Day holiday—some of my hubby’s cousins that we’ve been meaning to get together with for ages, as well as my parents. Was so nice to catch up with everyone!

    1. I love it when my non-vegan friends make me vegan food. It’s so nice =) Haha… I broke my adult pair of sunglasses and the pink hearts are all I have now.
      The noodle bowl will go up on Wednesday!
      Oh nice! Seeing family is definitely a good way to spend a long weekend =)

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