Colour Me Rad Run

Ok – this is a quickie post. I am in the midst of something super awesome! Super exciting! And super time consuming. Geez… it’s funny how you have these plans laid out like thinking you’ll have time to catch up on blog stuff (like creating posts and FINALLY get caught up on all of your posts). Damn. Well – the thought was there.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you a fun run I did recently. I’m not big into fun runs. They are always super disorganized. And they don’t even time the race! (hence the reason it’s called a “fun run” I suppose). I did this run last year, by myself. It was the first organized race I did upon moving to California without realising it was a fun run and fun I did not have. It was too packed with people, I started WAY later than I was supposed to and most people weren’t even running.

Despite my better judgement, I ran it again this year as I had a friend to run with. That seriously makes all of the difference. It was much more fun this year. And way more organised too! It wasn’t so congested with people and we actually started on time. We had fun =)

This is the group I was with before the run.

Check us out after!!!

This is me and my friend Brie:

This is not a run to do on your own, you definitely need to go with at least one friend. Especially a friend willing to have colour fights with!

So to my readers who aren’t really into running – maybe you should give a fun run a shot =)

Hope ‘ya’all had a great weekend! I’ll see you back here Wednesday.


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