Color Me Rad

This one is for all the runners out there (and the non-runners too!).

As I just finish running the very cool Wharf to Wharf run in Santa Cruz California and gear up for the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, I know I will like nothing more than to take a break from running in September. I train for these runs and I love doing them, but there is a certain amount of work involved.

But what about a fun run? Can fun & run be in the same sentence? Exercise & having fun at the same time???

The very first run I did when I first moved to Northern California will always be near & dear to my heart. It was extremely hectic, a little disorganized, but FUN. I honestly didn’t appreciate it when I ran it as I did it by myself and didn’t have any friends with me and wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t realise it was a fun run really as I had never done any back in Ontario Canada. But this year I have decided to run the Color me Rad again, this time armed with the thought of not worrying about time (it’s not timed!!) and just thinking about getting into colour fights =)

Have you ever heard of the Indian Festival called Holi? That’s what this run reminds me of. It is 5km of running around the San Jose Fairgrounds getting sprayed with a rainbow of colour. And this year I’m going with friends. It’s going to be super fun!

I will post pictures after so you can see what it’s like, but if you are interested in joining, check out their websites and I actually have a code for you to get a discount if you want to join the fun yourself.

Your discount code is “radfun” if you sign up before July 31st and you’ll get 20% off.
A word of advice – wear the sunglasses they give you in your run kit ;p

2 thoughts on “Color Me Rad

  1. Kimmy, that sounds like a blast! I’ve heard of color runs and really want to try one. (I’m still recovering from foot surgery last year, but am up to walking 5K distances. Jogging is next!) Hope you have fun; you’ll have to report back once it’s over!

    1. Oh dear – I wish you a speedy recovery. You could for sure walk this race if you wanted – it’s pretty relaxed. I’ll let you know how it goes with picture evidence!

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