Coconut Kissed Cashew Butter

My husband was recently complaining about a bad habit I have. I’m pretty good with money, I’m one of those girls that can count the amount of shoes I have on one hand and only have a few purses. I don’t have a very large wardrobe (unless you look at my workout clothes…). He just doesn’t have to reign me in with the budget, except for one teensy exception. Whole Foods! Or whole pay cheque as he calls it. Since moving here, I’ve noticed there aren’t really the abundance of health food stores that I’m used to having in Kitchener, Ontario. Sounds weird for California right? Well, sadly, I find I have to buy most of my things from there and one of the biggest expenses is nut butter. I LOVE nut butter. And where we used to spend about $5 on Mara Natha in Ontario, we now spend about $10 on Artisana here. Mara Natha is like $15 here believe it or not since it comes all the way from Ontario and Artisana, which is about $15 in Onatrio is only $10 here since it’s made here. But that adds up quickly!

I’ve tried TJ’s almond butter. It’s not bad, it concerns me that it’s consistently creamy all the way to the bottom of the jar… I wonder what technique they use to make it that way whereas other nut butters most certainly get hard before I’m halfway through the jar. And I just noticed that it is not even organic. *sigh* So, I thought I’d try making some of my own. It’s kind of a pain using a food processor (an older food processor – maybe I need the get the blades replaced), but it still worked out nicely.

The texture is definitely not creamy. And now that’s been a few days, it’s a little hard. But still tasty! When I was making this, I was having a hard time getting it into a nice texture, so I thought I’d add a bit of coconut oil. This really helped whip it and adds a nice, yet subtle flavour.

I’ve been enjoying it on rice crackers, toast, stuffed into dates, in smoothies… and sometimes I just stick a big ol’ spoon in there and have a bite (I know I’m not the only one that does this!)

Coconut Kissed Cashew Butter

1 cup raw, organic cashews (I’m sure any cashews will work)

1 tbsp melted coconut oil

Process the organic cashews until the oil starts to release and the cashews break down and form a paste (about 10 minutes in the processor – be patient, good food takes time!). Add the coconut oil and process another few minutes. The result should be fairly smooth and creamy. You will have to stop the processor from time to time to scrape down the sides and continue processing, the closer to the 10 minute mark you get, the more you will have to do this. It’s so worth it though!

Happy Friday ‘ya’all!

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  1. Aw thanks! Yes, I will be getting into the habit of linking up to Raw Foods Thursdays – love the idea! I already have a submission for next Thursday too (stay tuned and check back Friday!)

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