Chocolate Coconut Swirl Cups


“Chocolate & vanilla swiiiiiirrrrrllll” Anyone else an Orange is the New Black fan? I’m a bit of an addict. I know that the swirl song doesn’t have anything to do with food, but hey – it inspired me to make these awesome sauce swirl cups.


With the holiday craziness having died down, I’m finding myself wanting to be more creative with food, especially desserts. I can’t bake to save my life, but no-bake treats are a specialty of mine. I think I brought my game to the next level with these sweet treats.



Chocolate Coconut Swirl Cups (makes 6 cups)

1 cup pecans
1 cup of dates, pitted
1 tsp shredded, unsweetened coconut
1 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp of water (only if the mixture seems dry)

Place the pecans in the food processor and pulse the nuts until they break down finely. Add the remaining ingredients, without the water, and process until the mixture sticks together in a big ball. If it’s too dry, add a bit of water.

Mould the mixture into 6 cupcake liners. If using silicone ones, grease them a bit with coconut oil to make sure they pop out without sticking. Place the prepared cups in the freezer.

1 dark chocolate bar, chopped (about a cup)
1/4 cup of coconut milk

Melt the chocolate on low-medium heat until almost completely melted and then remove from heat. Stir the mixture until it is perfectly smooth, then add the coconut milk and stir until well combined.

1 can of full fat coconut milk, chilled overnight in the fridge

Remove the coconut milk from the fridge, open the lid and scoop out the solidified top into  a bowl. Add a couple of tbsp of the liquid (reserving the rest for smoothies, etc) and beat with an electric mixer on low heat to begin, gradually working up to medium and beat for 4 minutes when the mixture looks like whipped cream.

Take your prepared cupcake liners from the freezer, portion out the chocolate filling mixture between the 6 cups. Now using a small spoon, scoop out a little bit of the coconut  cream and dot the chocolate mixture in a few places (small pinky-finger sized dots). Then take a toothpick and swirl it around for a marble effect. Freeze for 4 hours and keep frozen until ready to serve. Take them out about 5 minutes before you would like to enjoy them. I garnished them with cacao nibs & toasted coconut flakes.

They are slightly labour intensive, but definitely worth making when you want to bring that “wow” factory for someone.


30 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Swirl Cups

  1. Perhaps it is just as well that you live in sunny california if you don’t bake. It is not baking weather here – just too hot – so I guess that means it is no-bake weather – I have some no bake balls that I keep planning – your cups look very cute – can you send me some cooking mojo :-)

    1. Haha I will try sending my cooking mojo over to you 😉
      It is baking season here actually. It is “cold” and very rainy and miserable. I actually made a batch of chocolate chip cookies over the weekend as I felt inclined to actually bake, which doesn’t happen often.

  2. So little and so cute and a luxury – pecan nuts in my home are a luxury you see. Yum, but I will resist, i have been given so much chocolate for Christmas that it will take me March to finish them off.

  3. LOL “swirl, swwwwiiiirrrll”. Yes OITNB is a guilty pleasure of mine! And holy crap Kimmy these look SO GOOD. No worries that you haven’t mastered baking because clearly you have master un-baking!!

  4. These look incredible– and so pretty! I love a good swirl! :) I love that you were inspired by Orange is the New Black, too– I’m a season behind and you’ve reminded me to catch up! :)

  5. Orange is the new black… so I’m going to make these using orange chocolate yum yum! I love how pretty you’ve made these look – I’m going to attempt to get them looking like yours! 😀 Thanks for sharing at your Healthy Vegan Fridays :)

  6. Hi Kimmy,
    This will soothe my chocolate cravings nicely! With ingredients like these, who can resist this delightful dessert! Thank you for sharing your healthy, delectable Chocolate Coconut Swirl Cups with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

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