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Are you excited for Valentine’s Day? My husband and I don’t really do much for it. We don’t get each other presents. We sometimes go out for dinner, nothing fancy. This year, we’re actually going to spend our afternoon & evening volunteering together (stay tuned for that post!). As a grown up, I don’t find the day particularly exciting. But as a kid, my family always made a huge deal out of it. My dad would buy us all large bouquets of flowers, lots of chocolates and candies and even some other gifts like cd’s and clothes.

I don’t need presents. But I do need chocolates! And if Terry doesn’t buy me any, then I’ll make my own!

Chocolate Coconut Creams (makes 30ish mini chocolates)
1 cup of cacao butter
3/4 cup unsweetened and raw cocoa powder
4 tbsp maple syrup
1 can of full fat coconut milk stashed in the fridge for a least 8 hours
a few tbsp of shredded, unsweetened coconut

Start by melting your cacao butter in a medium pot on the stove. Once it has melted, sift in your cocoa powder and whisk until smooth. Add your maple syrup and stir. Grab your mini chocolate moulds (or ice cube trays or mini cupcake liners), pour a bit of chocolate into each one. You don’t need much, just enough to cover the bottom of your mould. Put your chocolate coated moulds into the freezer for 10 minutes.

While your chocolate hardens, take your coconut milk out of the fridge. Open the can and carefully scoop the hardened cream off the top and put it into a large mixing bowl. Using an electric mixer (or a good whisk), beat the cream until it becomes fluffy. I added a bit of the coconut milk from the bottom of the can to help fluff it out.

Remove your chocolate moulds from the freezer, add a tiny dollop of whipped cream to the centre, cover it with the shredded coconut and then pour enough of the chocolate mixture to fill the mould. I had leftover coconut cream. Perfect for smoothies.


ChocolateCoconutCreams2 (1)

Place the prepared moulds in the freezer for a few hours until they set (2 hours minimum). Then pop the chocolates out of the moulds.


Mmmm chocolatey coconutty goodness…




I thought it would be prudent to try a few before serving them to others to make sure they taste ok.


What Valentine’s Day Chocolate are you looking forward to?

I shared this delectable recipe at the Plant Based Potluck Party

19 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Creams

  1. These look so good! I actually made chocolates for Valentine’s Day for Matt this year too. I just posted on my blog about it – great minds think alike!

    I’m going to have to try our chocolates! I’ve been obsessed with coconut lately.

  2. These are so cute!
    I am not a valentine’s person, so I am looking forward to no chocolate.
    Though I am going to a yoga heart opening workshop on the 14th that ends with some raw vegan chocolates, so as long as they aren’t lousy with coconut oil I guess I will get some chocolate this year!

    1. Valentine’s Day is highly overrated. They should just have chocolate day. Like every day haha.
      I hope you find some delicious raw chocolates without coconut oil in them! I’m realizing these have a lot of coconut in them, maybe I should make something without coconut…

  3. These look and sound so dreamy! We don’t really do Valentine’s Day either. We usually go out for a meal because that’s something we do a lot anyway but it tends to be a last minute dash trying to find somewhere with a free table (we never learn). Anyway, I’m bearing these chocolates in mind for this weekend!

  4. I told my husband that I just wanted chocolate, and was surprised with 5 chocolate bars, all vegan. We are also heading into the city to see a movie together, which was mostly just because it was playing on this weekend by chance. I think because it was close to Valentines Day we felt more compelled to make sure we go.

  5. As a big fan of dark chocolate and coconut I am so happy to see your easy to follow recipe for creating these delectable chocolate coconut creams! I can’t wait to try this. What a great vegan gift these will make too! . Thanks for sharing your sweet treat with us at the Healthy Happy Green & Natural Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

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