Chickin’ Wings and Foosball

Ok, if you are like many of my football loving Americans, you may find my use of the word “foosball” offensive. “Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin’ each other…”

Waterboy anyone? Haha.

I am not a sports lover, I just can’t figure out what is so darned appealing try as I might. I also never liked chicken wings in my pre-vegan days. Again, I couldn’t figure out what people thought was so great about them. And the combination of the two is completely lost on me.

But during a recent conversation with my in-laws, I realised this is a pretty big deal to many considering the announcement of a buffalo wing shortage for the upcoming Superbowl. Vegan “alive-chicken” loving girl say what???? Yup, that’s right. People enjoy their beloved wings so darned much that there is actually going to be a shortage of them.

Wow. Priorities people, seriously. My apologies if this is coming off snarky, I’m just angered by the mass consumption of animals. I know there are very responsible meat-eaters out there, those eating small amounts of meat instead of the vast quantities I’ve seen in a few restaurants. And though I care very about the welfare of said chickens, I’m also thinking of the health aspect. It is just not healthy to eat such large amounts of food, it really stresses out your digestive system and puts strain on your liver.

Ok, after I wrote my spiel, I came across this article saying there will be no shortage after all. *sarcasticphew* People may just have to pay more.

Anyway, I would like to share with you some really great recipes you can try out to feel your fellow football-loving friends =)

Check out this awesome guacamole bean dip from Alicia Silverstone’s the Kind Diet:

And this is my favourite chili recipe of all time: I don’t make it in to fajitas, I just make the chili and serve it in bowls on top of rice and top it with homemade salsa and guac. YUM.

Or why not veganize chicken wings???

Enjoy the game everyone!

2 thoughts on “Chickin’ Wings and Foosball

  1. So honoured that my chili is your favourite — to be honest, mine usually doesn’t make it into tortillas either.

    That bean dip looks awesome – can’t wait to try it!

    1. Haha yes, I’ve been following your blog ever since I met you at Lindsay & Chris’ wedding. I love so many of your recipes! That is my all time favourite though and I always get lots of happy tummies whenever I make it for friends. It’s a huge hit here =)

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