Cheers to a New Year

I’m back! I missed blogging. I especially missed my blogging friends. It almost feels like I was missing a part of my family. I’m not sure how things will go this year, but I definitely want to get back into blogging. I may not be my strict three posts a week and I’m not sure how many recipes I’ll come up with as I feel like I have lost a bit of my creativity, but hopefully I can find it again.

I found it way too hard blogging while working full time. I last blogged in August and not only was I working full time, but I started training for a triathlon. It was an amazing experience, one of my favourites from last year, but it took a toll on me as I sometimes trained for 2 hours a day (on top of full time work). Sadly, the job did not work out. I gave it 9 months and decided it wasn’t a right fit for me. I’m not meant to sit at a computer all day. I do have to try and get another job, but I think I can manage on a part time job, which would be nice and still have time for blogging.

I’m not going to give a full review of 2017 – but here are some highlights for me.

Somewhere new…

San Diego (which also turned out to be my second best PR for half marathons)


Tahoe… twice!



Chicago with the fam:


My first bike race:


My first olympic triathlon!!!!


Hikes on top of the world:


Races with friends (and placing 2nd in my age group for the first time ever!):


I got to go home three times this year and see lots of my family, including going to my aunt’s wedding:


The biggest highlight of the year though, was all of the self care I put in. Learning to love myself the way I am. Towards the end of the year, I noticed some old disordered eating habits crop up and I noticed it pretty quickly and am getting the help I need. Instead of being burdened by this set back, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work more with my body and treat it even better. I have some things I’d like to do this year, but no resolutions as they end up doing more harm than good for me. But here is a promise to my body for 2018:

Dear body, I promise to treat you better this year. I will not restrict. I will not over exercise. I will lead an active lifestyle because I enjoy it and it’s de-stressing, not because I think I need to burn calories. I won’t cringe when I see you in the mirror. I will enjoy all foods and not feel guilty about eating things I consider “junk”. I will give you more self-care. I will say no more. I will sleep more. I will read more. I will just be. And be happy with that. <3 me.

How was your 2017? What are you looking forward to in 2018? I look forward to reconnecting with my lovely blogging family!

10 thoughts on “Cheers to a New Year

  1. So good to see you back Kimmy. I understand about blogging and working f/t. Sorry the job didn’t work out, but hopefully 2018 you will find something more of a perfect fit for you.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.

    1. It’s honestly ok that the job didn’t work out. I don’t regret the experience and I’ve learned what I definitely don’t want to do haha. I’m sure 2018 will bring me something that is a much better fit.
      Happy New Year Shaheen!

  2. Glad to see you back! Sorry that your new job didn’t work out. I can sympathizes with working a full time office job. I remember doing an internship at news station and I spent most of the time sitting in a windowless room editing. I liked the editing, but if there was chance to go on location for shoot video I was the first to volunteer.

  3. Happy new year! Lovely to see you back on the blog! Was just thinking about you recently and hoping you hadn’t gone from the blog for good! Sorry to hear the job was not for you but I understand. It has been hard for me working 4 days a week this year though I do like my job (at times). I have missed some of the community involvement and connections I had time for when working less. And of course family time. Being able to identify signs of disordered eating early is a great leap forward. And I hope you find the balance you need.

    1. Thank you! I guess I just needed an extended break. I was stretching myself too thin. I think getting a part time job will make things easier blog wise (and everything-wise really). You do so much! I don’t know how you work so much and blog so much and urban homestead so much and parent so much. You are amazing.
      I think not working is probably a trigger for my eating disorder – any big life change is. I’m slowly getting better.

  4. I am so glad to see you back!! <3 <3
    It is good that you were able to recognise eating problems starting up and get help. xx I love your promise to your body for the year, that is so lovely and I think I could take some inspiration from that as well.
    I hope to see more of you in the new year, I look forward to seeing what you have been up to! *hugs*

  5. It’s so lovely to hear from you Kimmy. Happy new year, and may 2018 bring lots of good things your way. You certainly packed a lot into 2017 and congratulations on the triathlon!

    I’m glad you’ve recognised old eating disorder behaviours quickly and are getting help to continue on with a happy and healthy life x

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