Castle Rock Hike & update about me

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately – I won’t get into all of the boring details, but I’ve been taking steps to try and be the happy, sunshiny person I know I am =) So one of the things that always cheers me up with no fail is a trip to Santa Cruz. And on the way, we took a little detour to take a hike in Castle Rock. Being surrounded by nature always perks me up. Especially if it’s nature I haven’t yet seen!

Me being silly climbing in the cave

I took a picture of my hubby taking a picture of a swarm of ants. I’m not sure what was so interesting about it… but hey, whatever floats your boat 😉

We got rewarded with gorgeous view!

Us having a fun hike.

And this was so beautiful that we stopped for a bit just to take it in. The camera does not give this breathtaking view justice.

And as for the me update… well, I’m trucking along. I am starting to feel like my hormone replacement therapy is finally leveling out (I had mentioned in a previous post that my pharmacy had accidentally given me the wrong dosage and I failed to notice and it completely threw everything out of whack). But just as things are regulating and I can tell a lot of things feel better, I’m also starting to see telltale signs of hypothyroidism. It was hyper for so long that my specialist just kept lowering the dosage and I think I’m on the lowest possible dosage now. It’s exciting, but now I feel a bit of a boomerang effect with my hormones as my body tries to catch up.

This hormone regulation stuff is very tricky business. I have been so very lucky so far, I struggled a bit with it off and on in my teens and early 20’s, I had my thyroid removed in my early 20’s and it took about a year for them to get things going smoothly, and it was fine until about the time I moved here – ever since then, it’s been a struggle. And I’ve been gaining more weight which really bothers me. But all I can really do about that is continue to enjoy an active lifestyle and stay away from treats.

Other than that, things are going well. I have a new volunteer job on the horizon, I think a post in October will talk more about that.

In the meantime, thanks for all of your support =) You guys rock my socks!!!

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