Butternut Squash Chili


Today’s MoFo prompt was an easy one.

23rd: Autumn/Fall (or Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) Traditions – Are there any foods you traditionally make in this season?


Ah fall food. From potatoes to apples to brussels sprouts – and SQUASH! And what better way to enjoy squash than in a fall favourite? Chili!


This post almost didn’t happen. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug. I was supposed to have a friend over for lunch and I was really excited to make this chili for her. We had to cancel our lunch date as I wasn’t feeling great in the morning still. But I surprisingly felt much better by lunch. So I took a chance and made it. It really hit the spot and maybe even made my stomach feel a little better.


Butternut Squash Chili (makes 4 generous portions)

1 small butternut squash (instructions below)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
10 baby bella mushrooms, roughly chopped
1 medium zucchini, thickly sliced and the slices halved
1 medium red pepper, roughly chopped
1 large tomato, roughly chopped
1 heaping tbsp of tomato paste
1/2 tsp each of dried chili powder, garlic powder, paprika powder, cumin, coriander, salt & pepper and a pinch of cayenne

For the squash: slice off the ends, peel it, cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, rub with a bit of oil oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast your squash at 400 for 35 minutes. Once it has cooled, chop into bite-sized pieces.

For the chili: Heat a large pot on medium heat. Once heated, add a bit of olive oil and sautée the garlic & mushrooms until the mushrooms soften a bit. Add the zucchini and sautée for a few minutes. Then the pepper, continue sautéeing for a few more minutes. Finally, add your tomato and roasted squash along with the tomato paste & spices and simmer for 15 or more minutes. The longer, the better it will taste. But if you are impatient like me, 15 minutes is plenty long enough 😉

Serve with some nacho cheeze sauce, fresh cilantro, salsa and some cooked quinoa or crunchy corn chips.


9 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Chili

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell too but am glad you felt better quickly and this could help you on the road to recovery. It looks like a great dish.

    Thanks very much for your well wishes to me and to answer your question, I have now read that Sara Gruen book and loved it :) I hope you like it when you get to it!

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