Busy busy bee

Hello my lovelies,

I am writing this entry past my bed time! I’ve been so behind on blogging (my own blog and catching up on yours) that it is stressing me out. I normally have a few posts ready to go just in case, but I have nada. So here is a super quick post!

I thought after the bake sale was over, life would return to normal, but I’ve been insanely busy with some things that I will mention in a future post (soon!). And I have been known to get into this super bad habit of scheduling things way too much and am constantly on the run. I really need to try and find more balance with my schedule and organise my time better. I feel this is something I used to be much better at when I worked full time, but now that I’ve been out of the workforce for so long, it’s hard to keep a regular schedule going.

Anyway – I am determined to read every single one of your last posts within the next week and get fully caught up on things and stay caught up! I will be sure to update you on the exciting going ons of my life soon – in the mean time, come on back on Friday for Healthy Vegan Fridays =)

And I am not sure I can actually make a post without a picture. So I will leave you with this super awesome vegan ice cream sandwich that I devoured running from appt to appt on a super hot day!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

4 thoughts on “Busy busy bee

    1. Oh man… I swear, I get caught up and promise myself to stay caught up – it’s not so hard after all… but I inevitably always fall behind again.
      I’m only up to March 19th… ;p

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