I mentioned on Friday that I was taking a course this past weekend. Had you asked me a year ago if I would be taking a Motorcycle Safety Course, I would have probably laughed at you.

Terry and I have shared a car for almost 10 years now. It’s worked out fine for the most part. But over the past year, we’ve really started to find it annoying. He has more of a commute, I picked up more volunteer gigs, c’est la vie. We didn’t want to get a second car. It’s a large expense, and we think it’s a little much for just the two of us. But an idea popped into my head several months ago, a bit of a compromise.

Let me introduce you to Bumblebee.


How cute is she??? I LOVE her. We haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other yet. We just got her last week and I just took the safety course this past weekend. I need time to gradually ease into this. I want to be safe! That’s priority number 1.

Speaking of safety, although I look adorable in the picture above, this is not anything I will ever wear while actually riding. I shelled out for really good gear! A full head helmet, a protective jacket (with back, shoulder & elbow armor), protective gloves and boots. I won’t be riding any freeways and I doubt I’ll ride in the rain or do any nighttime riding. Since I’ve taken the course, I feel confident in my abilities to ride safely, I am very nervous about other drivers though. Be sure to look out for bikes on the road =)

Have you ever considered a motorcycle or scooter?

18 thoughts on “Bumblebee

    1. Oooh pink! Nice. I wanted a teal one, but it was too big and went too fast – this one is my size & speed. I’m totally scared about cars not seeing me, but I don’t plan on going too far, I think it should be ok.

  1. Kimmy, you are too cute with your matching outfit. I was going to suggest cycling to your destinations (that’s what we do although less often since baby can’t go cycling yet). I’d love to see more photos with your real gear. :)

    1. Aw thanks Janet!! I do a lot of cycling actually, but some of my volunteer gigs are a bit far with my cruiser and sometimes I’m pressed for time. I will definitely share pictures with all of my gear =)

  2. Love the bumblebee girl! Really cute color! My dad’s favorite color is yellow (I think from the Ecuador flag) so it’s a second favorite color of mine lately.

    I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures on it. I’m not into regular motorcycles but I love vespa-type ones like you got. Matt and I were thinking of getting one but it might be tough here in the winter. If I quit my job and work in my area, I think I’d totally get one!

    1. Thanks Mary Ellen! My dad liked yellow too. I honestly chose it more for visibility than anything as I want people to easily & quickly see me.
      People really like this post, so I will have to write some more about it =) Maybe one about the gear and one about touring around ;p It does seem a little expensive to only be able to ride in the spring & summer. I’m lucky it’s spring & summer all year ’round here!

  3. you do look gorgeous on bumblebee – but I am glad you will be well protected when riding – I lived with a motorcyclist who never went on his bike without wearing all his leathers – but I guess you protective wear are vegan. Good luck out there on the roads – hope you enjoy getting about this way

    1. Aw thank you Johanna =) I will be very protected. They actually make some great textile protective gear these days. I have everything but boots so far.
      I’ll post some more when I get out and about on it more!

  4. so much yellow and black. You might as well be the bumblebee. I always liked the idea of having a motorcycle, but I know they create more of the toxic gasses. I wonder why there hasn’t been a more eco-friendly cycle? I think they make electric ones, but I never looked at it since it is kind-of an unrealistic mode of transportation for me right now.

    1. Haha yes =) I think Vespa’s are slightly less worse than motorcycles. I should do more research on this as I just kind of assumed it would be more environmentally friendly to get a bike instead of another car. But you may be right. I noticed someone that lives in my building has some sort of eco-friendly bike as it is plugged into one of those chargers. It must be some sort of hybrid, electric or something. I’ll do more research =)

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