Birthday Fun

I made some delicious treats for my birthday, but I also had my amazing friends completely spoil me for the special occasion =)

Anyone who knows me well, knows I quite enjoy food. A lot of my birthday celebration revolved around food this year. I went to Patxi’s for pizza with my girlfriends. I neglected to take pictures though :/

The weekend of my birthday, Terry and I headed to San Francisco as I had heard there was a vegan food truck event. OMG. They had to wheel me out the door afterwards as I had so. much. food. It was amazing.










We tried the fried “chicken” waffles. I couldn’t believe they were gluten free! We also tried a fried doughnut with custard in the middle and pizza…. and I may have got a cupcake to go ;p

And my friend Brie took me to see Taylor Swift! She put on an incredible show. Although I’m quite past the average listener of hers, I quite enjoy her music. I was surprised at how genuinely grateful she appeared to her audience and fans.




My bestie Robin made me the most delicious cupcakes!!! Smore cupcakes! How awesome are these?!


Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I am so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate with. I had fabulous birthweek haha ;p Hope you are having a great week and I’ll catch you Friday!

12 thoughts on “Birthday Fun

  1. Happy belated bday! I’m so jealous you went to see Taylor Swift and had vegan treats for your birthday! Mine was Saturday and I asked my husband for a vegan cake but didn’t get one. :( I’m going to make him get me one this weekend and keep the birthday celebrations going lol.

    1. Oh no :( If you lived near me, I would make you a delicious vegan cake for your birthday. I hope he got you one and that you had a nice celebration, even if it wasn’t on the actual day. Happy Belated Birthday Mary Ellen!

  2. I was speechless at fried chicken in waffles – hard to believe such things exist – looks like you ate some amazing stuff! And how exciting you went to taylor swift – I am not really a fan but Sylvia is so we have her on the stereo quite a bit here!!!!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday Kimmy! Oh my goodness, all that food…lots of vegan food always makes a great birthday πŸ˜€ those “chicken” waffles look incredible (strange to me though, I always thought waffles went with berries and icecream, not fried chicken haha but I’m always up for a culinary adventure!).

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