Birthday Extraveganza

I had a FABULOUS Birthday!!! Having mom visiting really makes it extra special =D Well, let’s back up a bit. I’d also like to share some pictures of my mom’s visit. It’s been really great, but she’s only here for a few more days :(


Volunteer shift at the food bank




Checking out the sights in San Francisco

And my birthday! The day started off like any other, walking the pup – my favourite time of day. Everything is quiet (because it’s so freakin’ early!) and I’m with my thoughts and my cute wiggly bummed puppy. It’s a happy time.



Running with my visually impaired runner & our team – another favourite thing to do!


Birthday flowers


Visits from friends (with vegan gifts!)


Cupcakes & gifts





Manis with mom


And supper out




Fun facts about my birth I learned from mom:

  • She was told I would be a boy and thought so until I was born a girl (was almost Damien instead of Kimmy!)
  • If I was a girl, she wanted to name me Amber (my middle name), but dad wanted Kimberly
  • She had to be induced because I didn’t want to come out of her comfy cozy spot she made for me and her labour was long and hard
  • I was born at 2pm
  • I was extremely fussy and had a permanent rash for the first two months of existence until a doctor finally figured out I was allergic to milk
  • My sister begged & begged for a little sister and was so excited when my mom told her she was pregnant and “just knew” I was a girl despite my mom being told I was  a boy, we have been best friends since the day I was born (maybe even before)
  • I was meant to be born in the summer, the sun makes me vibrant and happy

Thanks to mom for making my birthday extra special this year =)


18 thoughts on “Birthday Extraveganza

  1. Sounds like you had tons of fun! It’s always super special to have our mommy with us, isn’t it? Enjoy the next few days with her!

    Funny thing, I was sure that my sister was girl as well, despite the doctor saying it was a boy. I so wanted a sister!

  2. happy birthday kimmy – those are fun birth facts – I think my mum’s mind was befuddled by too many kids and she doesn’t seem to remember much about our births! Glad you had such a lovely day as you are so generous with others. Enjoy your time with your mum

  3. So happy you had such a fantastic birthday Bim Bim!!! You and mom look like you’re having a blast. You looked absolutely stunning in that blue dress for your dinner out, and your hair looked great!!! Love and miss you crazy amounts!!! <3 :)

  4. Belated Birthday wishes Kimmy. So cute to read your birth facts. My parents didn’t know if I was going to be a boy or girl, but my Grandfather chose my name Shaheen – which is unisex, so it was decided before I was even born. So lovely to see you haveing a fabulous day with your mother and others that make your life pleasurable.

    1. Well, Kim is apparently also a unisex name but I don’t think it would have worked as well. Shaheen does seem like a good name either way – that’s so nice that your grandfather chose your name =)
      Thank you!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had lots of good food and lots of great company! I love that wrapping paper btw ^__~ I always end up buying kid wrapping paper for my nieces and end up getting in a jam and needing to use it for adult gifts. I had shimmery multi color leopard print wrapping paper, and my friend who loves animal prints was getting married. I joked about using that wrapping paper, but as I started to wrap, I didn’t have enough of any of the “wedding” paper, so I really did have to use the kids wrapping paper! XD

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