Birthday Extraveganza part 2

TWO Birthday celebrations you say?? Yes, please!


So last week I talked about how I got to spend my actual birthday with my mom as she came out all the way from Canada to celebrate with me. This week, I threw myself a little birthday party. I kept it small and just asked a few friends that live nearby. Instead of presents, I told everyone to bring a dish to share in potluck style as that is my favourite thing. And I had the genius idea of meeting in a park so I didn’t have to hectically make food and clean my place. Seriously genius.


It was a gorgeous day… although most days in California are πŸ˜‰ And everyone brought such delicious, vegan food!







Just take a gander at this awesome plate!


We may have had food comas after eating a wee bit much…


BUT after a bit, we totally had room for the cutest cupcakes in the universe made by none other than the lovely Robin!


They even have little hello kitties on them!!!! You can actually find her recipe here.


Great time had by all =)



My friend Sarah was adorable and brought a cute little camera that prints mini pictures (like a polaroid… but not).


I’m feeling very grateful and happy to have such great friends =)

If you came to the potluck, what would you have brought???


9 thoughts on “Birthday Extraveganza part 2

  1. That is such a lovely way to celebrate – I love picnics and good food and good company and yep those cupcakes are adorable. Happy birthday – would have loved to bring you a dish but i would have probably dithered over what to bring – maybe the gf vegan chocolate cake I made on the weekend but I still need to improve my decoration skills – have much to learn from Robin!

    1. Picnics are great. And I love potlucks =)
      I think you could most definitely hold your own at a potluck – you’re always making me drool haha ;p Wish you lived closer together so we could potluck together.

  2. That is a cute idea to decorate cupcakes with those cute little chocolate molds! It is obvious I never thought of it. ^__^ Everything looks so yummy. I think parties work out best when everyone does a little of something.

  3. Yay for second birthday celebrations. :)
    Those cupcakes are seriously adorable, the little kitties! I die.
    I would probably have brought some brownies or some cookies.
    And maybe a potato salad or something for a savoury option.
    I love picnics!

    1. I’m a total birthday nerd – I want lots of celebrations haha ;p
      Ah yes, you would totally appreciate the little kitty cakes =) Brownies or cookies would have been very much welcome. Potato salad would have been good too! Wish you lived closer Susan.

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