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I LOVE birthdays! I grew up in a household that made a huge deal of them, which I think was quite smart on my parents part, since now as an adult, I look forward to my birthday each and every year. And I get really excited when someone I love has a birthday. Ms. Robin‘s birthday happened last week and I was very excited to celebrate it with her. The only catch was that Terry and I had recently come across a somewhat large and very unexpected expense (for once it’s a fun one though – more details to come later this summer). I was a little bummed to not be able to buy her a cool gift. But it got me to be super creative in creating a birthday gift on a budget.


I did spend a bit of money, but was able to make her some cool things within a good budget. If you struggle with what to get someone for their birthday, just pay close attention to what they say for a few months before the big day. I know Robin was eyeing up these purple jars on Amazon.


Robin loves the colour purple and adores cute things, so it was pretty easy to think of how to throw this all together. I thought it would be cute to buy them and then make a different kind of treat to go in each one. It took a fair amount of time, but Robin is totally worth it =D

I also got her a balloon and flowers.



Definitely a purple theme going on…

It was really fun making the treats for the jars. My freezer looked like this for a week as I kept adding homemade things to it.


I made her kale chips, almond bark, date balls, almond butter cups, granola and artichoke dip (her favourite!). I totally threw the granola together and it turned out – I’ll share the recipe soon. It was fun to make different treats for each jar.


I wrapped it up in her favourite colour.

IMG_2160I made her a birthday card too, but forgot to take a picture of it (which is too bad as it was pretty adorable).

This gift cost less than I would normally spend on a birthday, but it took more time and effort and Robin seemed to really appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Robin! Here’s to many more years of celebrating together =)


4 thoughts on “Birthday DIY

  1. What a great gift, and I am sure so much more meaningful to her than something that cost more but just came from a store! I love the different treats in each jar and will tuck this idea away for future reference :) I like baking / making things to give people and the jar presentation is a great twist.

  2. Hi Kimmy,
    What a great friend you are! I think the best gifts are often the ones we make with our own loving hands. From kale chips, almond bark to date balls, almond butter cups, granola and artichoke dip, those purple mason jars and the delectable treats they contained will be remembered by your friend for years to come. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

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