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Yesterday would have been my dad’s 65th Birthday. I will admit that I always get sad this time of year. At his birthday and the anniversary of his death is just around the corner. But over the years, instead of giving into anger and feeling sorry for myself (ok… I still feel a little sorry for myself), I thought it would be best to remember happy times. Like birthdays! He loved birthdays, especially making a big deal of them. I LOVE my birthday so much because of how awesome he made them for me.


I wanted to make a fun treat that I thought he would like and so we could celebrate his life.

Annnnd it happened to be my friend David’s birthday, so I made these for dad and gave them to David =) That way I wouldn’t eat them all myself haha ;p




Chocolate CocoBars for dad

1 bag of dark chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life)
2 tbsp of coconut oil
1 can of full fat coconut milk (stashed in the fridge overnight)
1/4 cup of unsweetened, finely shredded coconut
4 tbsp of agave

Melt the chocolate chips on low heat and add the coconut oil. Grab a chocolate mould or ice cube tray. Pour about 1/4 of the melted chocolate into the mould/tray, ensuring to coat the bottom and place in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden. While your chocolate firms, get out your coconut milk. Open the can and carefully scoop out the cream on top and pour in a bit of the liquid on the bottom into a large mixing bowl. Add the shredded coconut & agave and use an electric mixer to mix it up.

ChocolateCocoBarsmake1 (1)


Take your prepared mould or tray out of the freezer and scoop a generous tsp of the coconut mixture into the each square or rectangle (you’ll have some leftover). Then pour the remaining chocolate on top evenly between each one. Put them back in the freezer for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.


Take them out of the freezer 5 minutes before you want to eat them.


My little photobomber 🐾


Miss you dad ❤︎ Happy Birthday 🎂

8 thoughts on “Birthday Chocolate CocoBars

  1. (((hugs))) It’s so sweet of you to make your dad something that he would enjoy and to be able to share it with a friend. I’m sure your dad appreciates it and would have loved the coco bars – they look delicious. :) The picture of you and your dad is so sweet.

    And Sunny in the background of the one photo made me smile.

  2. This is lovely that you make something for him on his birthday. :) That is a beautiful photo of the two of you.
    Hee hee, Sunny photo bomber. :)

  3. Hi Kimmy, what a wonderful way to honor your dad. I can only imagine what you went through losing him, but I love the sweet birthday picture of the two of you together and the fact that you’re holding on to the happy times. Regardless, though, know I’m thinking of you at what must be a tough time.

    On a lighter note, I love Sunny’s photobomb. Let’s hear it for sweet pups (and amazing chocolate cocobars)!

    1. It was the hardest thing I had to do, losing him. I have been thinking of writing a post about grief next month actually.
      But it is nice to celebrate his life and remember him.
      Sunny is pretty adorable 😉

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