Birthday Celebrations Part 1

I think I’ve decided this year I will celebrate my birth month. Allll month haha. The weeks leading up to my birthday I got into a weird funk. I was moody and a bit on edge and just didn’t feel like myself. I felt overly emotional and basically just less than. I wondered if I was experiencing some sort of weird early mid-life crisis. And then it dawned on me that it must be my impending birthday.

Every year around this time I get so excited to celebrate my birthday. It’s something my parents did for me as I grew up (and even well into adulthood). They always made a huge deal of my birthday and it was a very exciting experience. So it’s something I made a good association with. And this is the first year that it just didn’t feel like that for me. I had some mini meltdowns for no good reason at all and just wasn’t excited. BUT leave it to my friends and hubby to change my mind =D

Terry knew this was a big birthday and he wanted to make sure it was special, so he actually planned a few things. The first thing sadly fell through last minute as the place he wanted to take me to was closed for renovations (although we are heading there this weekend!!!), so we hit up Oakland & Berkeley instead.






The weekend of my actual birthday, some girlfriends wanted to go “glamping”. Camping, but with amenities like running water, flush toilets, tents and cooking stoves. I’m really not much of a camper, so I was not enthralled with the idea, but I was promised s’mores & cupcakes, so I was fair game. It was actually really fun!





Terry also planned a surprise romantic getaway the night of my birthday. We went to an adorable and charming bed and breakfast in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The Carmel Country Inn is dog-friendly so we could take our pup. It was off on a quiet, side street, but walkable to the downtown and the ocean. So perfect =)


Huge room! Check out the little photo bomber.


Why yes, yes I did take full advantage of this luxurious soaker tub.


Fancy dinner out.

We hit up Santa Cruz on our way back home as it’s one of my favourite places. We grabbed pizza and you guessed it… more cupcakes haha. Just minis this time.



So we still have a fancy vegan tea to attend this coming weekend and I may have a few more celebrations later in the month =D

Yay for birthdays and the people that make them awesome!


8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations Part 1

  1. Yay! I am so glad you are having a lovely time, and that you have people who are making it a great birthday for you!
    Though nothing could ever convince me to go ‘glamping’. It is still camping. You cannot trick me. Take me to a hotel!! 😉

  2. What a lovely round up of birthday surprises / outings :) I hope they’ve allowed you to fully leave the funk behind. I will be 35 next year and hopefully I’ll remind myself of this then – age is not the thing that matters, but how you are living your life :)

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