Ballet and Weekend Fun

Weekends are for…

Super long walks with Sunny


I have been waking up arse early every single morning of the work week to make sure Sunny gets a good 2 mile walk in before heading off to work as she is so used to it. It’s tiring, but Saturday and Sunday I get up not quite as early (but still early!) and take her for an extra long 3-4 mile walk. The sun is rising, the world is quiet. It’s our happy bonding time together after being apart and busy all week 💖

10km Mermaid Races

IMG_20170507_095040 (1)

IMG_20170507_103225 (1)

My friend Mia and I ran a couple of 5km races together, so I challenged her to a 10km. She did ah-mazing! She trained hard and rocked it. And yes, mermaid tights for a mermaid race.

We indulged in some chocolate almond butter smoothie bowls post-race. Dee-licious.


Getting dolled up for a date lunch and the ballet for Terry’s Birthday.


Yes, this is dressed up for the ballet. I do live in Silicon Valley where hoodies and ripped jeans were seen as well as full on ball gowns. It’s a weird little bubble I live in…





We tried a new (to us) restaurant in San Francisco called Golden Era and it was so good! We were nervous as many vegan-friendly restaurants serving Asian food in our area tends to be fast-food Chinese. They are heavy on the mock meat and salty sauces – not our thing. But Golden Era was delicious with light options that were still filling. We tried the spring rolls which were very fresh and the peanut sauce was quite nice. Terry got a fresh coconut drink – YUM! I tried the Vegetables Deluxe  which was seriously perfect. The sauce was light, but flavourful and it had some tofu and was FILLED with lightly cooked veggies. You can’t get better than that for me. Terry tried the House Rice Claypot and he really enjoyed it. Bursting with ginger-y goodness. We will definitely be back. The service was quick, friendly & efficient and the prices were very reasonable. And it was a 10 minute walk from the ballet!


I have gone my entire life thinking the ballet is not for me. It just sounded boring to me. Music with no words or singing is just something I can’t really fathom. Terry really loves classical music and it’s not really my thing, so I assumed the ballet wouldn’t be much different. But it’s his birthday, so I wanted to do something he would really enjoy and the Cinderella Ballet just happened to be in San Francisco the weekend of his birthday. So I sucked it up… and was pleasantly surprised! It was very enjoyable. The costumes were beautiful, the dancing didn’t even look like dancing, it felt more like an extension of the person moving. I found my emotions easily tied to whatever was going on at various points. And the music was moving as well. The performance was really well done and I’m so glad I gave it a try. Here’s to trying things out and finding new enjoyment in life. I look forward to going more, especially that I know it’s something I can do with Terry that he really enjoys =)


What did you do this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Ballet and Weekend Fun

  1. wow that looks like a fun but busy weekend – love the mermaid tights and your happiness too! that bowl of vegies looks excellent and I am jealous of you going to ballet because I rarely go but I really love it (too much reading ballet books as a kid)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! And I’d love to get my dogs for long walks every morning, so tough before work. We did a 5-mile hilly trail race in the Sacramento area and saw a movie, not a bad weekend. The casual style seems to be extended to here as well, I work in IT – the land of jeans and sneakers.

    1. It is tough before work for sure! 5-mile hilly race? That’s awesome =)
      So funny as I have been wearing skirts & dresses to work when everyone else is wearing t-shirts and sneakers too. I need to get on board I suppose 😉

    1. Thanks Julie! Ah yes, I think I remember you mentioning at some point you danced. That’s so cool! I admire how much work that must go into it. It is so beautiful and inspiring.

  3. That food looks so perfect, just what I would be in the mood for.
    I am glad you enjoyed the ballet, I have been a few times and it has always been nice.

    Last weekend I did a bake sale, and this coming weekend I am working on Saturday and then getting up early on Sunday to watch Eurovision.

    1. It was so good! I wish they had food like that closer to where I live. It’s all burgers and fries up here or fast chinese food with heavy mock meats. Ah well.
      I wish I lived closer to you – I want to check out one of these bake sales you are always helping with!

  4. What a wonderful weekend – so many things I love in the mix :) I think your ballet outfit is lovely and am glad you enjoyed the show. My husband is bored by ballet but I enjoy it so we are the opposite of you (except he isn’t a convert despite tolerating it for me on very rare occasions!).

    1. Aw thank you! I quite like the outfit too =) I will admit to preferring musicals and plays, but I really did enjoy it and will totally go again to others. I’m glad your husband at least tolerates it at times for you 😉 I should probably do that for my husband and his hockey games.

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