Angel Island

One of the best things about having moved to Northern California (aside from the absolutely GLORIOUS weather of course!), is all of the fun exploring I get to do on a regular basis. Like Angel Island for instance. It’s a cute little island near San Francisco that is great for camping (which I have no interest in) and hiking (which I love). What better way to spend a Sunday then with some great friends and a picnic by the beach? (déjà vu anyone – I know, I say that a lot!).

Terry and I made the trek out to San Francisco by way of Caltrain one Sunday morning earlier this month. We met some friends at the station. We had our bikes with us and the 4 of rode our bikes to catch a ferry on over to the island.

Once there, we biked around the island.

We found a nice spot for a picnic lunch.

Di and I have a tradition of getting together for potluck picnics. We each bring some food and it always works out that we have more than enough food and we always make different things without even really coordinating.

This lunch included salad and nori rolls & cheeze from Di. I brought veggies & dill tahini dip, cherries and chocolate almond bark for dessert. YUM.

Then we walked along the beach.

And toured around the island some more.

Pretty nice end to a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Angel Island

  1. Looks so Beautiful! You are so lucky to live in such a beatuiful Place. Enjoy it and continue to share your phtos. Can´t wait to travel to those part of the World as well. So much Beauty everywhere! Love hiking as well. Unfortunately not doing it much but hope the time will come soon :) Have a Lovely day! Many hugs

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