And they called it Puppy Love… (introducing the new edition to our family)

Ok – I had meant to post on Wednesday for a “What I Ate Wednesday” post… that didn’t happen. I meant to post yesterday to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving… but that didn’t quite work out either. I am still fighting with a horrible, nasty cold… and I have something that has been keeping me quite preoccupied.

I had mentioned in a recent post that my hubby and I were looking for a dog to add to our family.

I had a specific breed in mind (cockapoo type breed). I had a certain size I was looking for (preferably medium). Colour (sandy coloured). Age (over a year old – absolutely NO puppies). And rule #1 – a completely housebroken dog.  I had the PERFECT dog in mind and I knew I would track him down if I was patient enough.

Well, as you know, life has a funny way of working things out. First of all, the pup we ended up with is a girl and she is nothing like I had pictured. We met a few dogs like the one on my list, but we didn’t quite get the “feeling” with them. Then my friend Brie (otherwise known as Cometgrrl), who volunteers for an organization called DPS (Doggie Protective Services), found a dog she thought I would like. I was a little leery as she wasn’t what I was picturing… but Brie is such a dog person through & through, I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt and meet the pooch.

Turns out she’s the one =D

We pretty much fell in love with her right then & there and started the process to adopt her.


We brought her home about a week ago… that cold I mentioned a week ago Wednesday. Well… it went from a mild annoyance to a full blown, terrible sinus infection. I felt awful by the end of the week. And we were both feeling crappy by the time Saturday rolled around and we were supposed to pick her up. I thought about not going and hoping that she would still be there next time. In the end, we just couldn’t chance. She’s just way too cute to pass up and I’m so glad we went and got her =)

She misses her foster mom and her foster brothers & sisters. Unfortunately we don’t have a backyard or other pups for her to play with. But the fact that she follows me around wherever I go makes me think she still likes it here. And we’re pretty crazy about her!

So I introduce to you Little Miss Sunshine (aka Sunny). She is a puppy, not completely (though pretty close!) houset rained, is a small yorkie mix whose amber eyes can melt your heart in 3 seconds flat. I’m pretty sure she knows she’s adorable ;p

Any other puppy people out there?

You will probably be seeing more posts about her as I’m pretty excited about finally having a dog.

Anyway – hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

ps. I will be catching up on blog reading this weekend =)

9 thoughts on “And they called it Puppy Love… (introducing the new edition to our family)

  1. She’s a beautiful dog. I’m so happy for you and Terry! She looks to be the perfect addition to your family. I hope you will bring her to Ontario when you come. I am dying to meet her.

    1. Thanks Jessie!! I love her so much. She is so cute & sweet. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect girl =)
      I actually want to take her with me when I visit in March – I’ll keep you posted =)

    1. Aw thanks Sunnie. She is a little ray of sunshine in my life – I’m sure I will post about her often. Glad I have some other dog-lovers out there following, I know I love it when I see pics of Zazu =D

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