Amici’s Pizza (review)

Ever have those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking? For me, they do not happen very often. But when they do, I just came seem to shake the feeling, and if Terry doesn’t feel like cooking – we’ll get take out. We tend to drive to whatever we feel like eating, but we were both feeling super lazy and wanted delivery. Since we hadn’t been in our new place too long, we weren’t sure what was nearby. Our favourite pizza place was over 20 minutes of driving one way and they don’t deliver. A quick google search confirmed that Amici’s has gluten-free crust and you can opt for Daiya Cheese instead of the milk-based kind.

I didn’t have particularly high hopes as I find that most places aren’t super great with gluten-free AND vegan pizza (usually one or the other). When the pizza arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see the crust was made by Mariposa – one of my favourite gluten-free bakeries. The crust was super delicious! The crispy texture was great and it wasn’t flat or soggy like a lot of crusts.

I’m kind of picky about pizza sauce. I’ll eat pizza as long as it’s vegan & gluten-free, but I find most places don’t have a very good sauce. Their sauce was really good – it had the perfect amount of spices in it and they layered the appropriate amount onto the crust.

I went with fairly boring toppings, artichoke hearts, mushrooms & fresh basil with daiya. I found they put a little too much daiya on as I prefer it to be added on lightly, but liked the pizza overall. They sautée their mushrooms and that really added to the flavour. They aren’t skimpy with the toppings either =)

Terry was a little more adventurous and tried sun dried tomatoes, roasted potatoes & spinach.

He did not try the gluten-free crust, but got the daiya on his as well. He really enjoyed his (especially since he avoided cooking haha), but also felt they put a little too much daiya on.

Overall, we really enjoyed the pizza. The crust & sauce are both really good and they have a large list of toppings to choose from. I really appreciate the effort to cater to special diets and like that they deliver. I also really liked their customer service! The person answering the phone to take our order was super friendly and made sure she to read everything back to me to make sure she had received the order correctly and the delivery driver was super nice as well. We would definitely order from them again.

Please note that Amici’s is only in California, so if you live here, you can try them out. If not, come visit me and we’ll order together =)

**These are my personal opinions about Amici’s Pizza – I did not receive any free product by reviewing their pizza.

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  1. I’ve had the vegan pizza at Amici’s too. It was very good. I agree that they use more daiya than I like. At least they don’t skimp and we can always ask for less daiya. They are very accommodating.

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