All things teal

My favourite colour is teal. If you were to walk into my apartment, you would notice this right away. My placemats on the table are teal. The coasters on my counter as well as an accent bowl. Two bar stools and an accent table by the entryway. A rug, pillows, blanket and even some decorative balls. And the most obvious thing, a very bright, teal accent wall.  Outside of my apartment, you will most likely sporting teal pants, toting my teal backpack and drinking from my teal water bottle.

A couple of years ago, upon my very demanding request, Terry bought me a teal ukulele. I have always loved the sound of the instrument and wanted to learn to play myself. He suspected it would sit in the closet. Sadly, he was right. It sat there for two full years. Every time I opened the closet, I was sad at my lack of resolve to learn to play. I had initially tried just by looking at online videos. But if you are like me, and have never played anything guitar-like, you will benefit best from in person instruction. I am happy to report I am learning to play my teal coloured uke.


When I was growing up, my mom adamantly discouraged my sister and I from cutting and colouring our hair. I have always wanted to dye my hair a funky colour and after finishing university, I promptly accepted a job that would not allow us to colour our hair. Go figure. I kind of gave up on this until recently and took the plunge. I went to my friend and vegan hair dresser Tina, who uses only cruelty free products that are gentle on the hair. I’m totally loving the results – she did a fabulous job.


The new job has been going well – I really, really like it. It’s such a different feel from the last job. Funnily enough, the store logo is teal 😉 I guess it was meant to be.

Sunny is not a fan of me working again, but she’s adjusting ok =)


I am also still adjusting. I’m very slowly getting back into blogging as I try to find that work/life balance. Thank you for your patience <3

10 thoughts on “All things teal

  1. I love your hair, you look like a mermaid! It is so pretty.
    I love teal. While pink is my favourite colour, teal is not far behind.
    Glad to hear that the new job is going well!

  2. My niece loves teal too! There is a character in a kids show called Teal so I always think of him. I love your teal and recognise the uke – E has a green one and I think Sylvia has the teal one (she has neglected hers studiously for the past few years after a few things of lessons).

    Glad you are enjoying your new job and finding a bit of time for blogging – I am back to work after 5 weeks leave and sad I will have less blogging time once I am back but there is stuff I need to get back and do.

    And your hair looks cool – I did a bit of dying my hair many years ago but hated how much damage it did to my hair. So your hairdresser sounds great too.

    1. It’s a fun colour. Yes, I love that E plays the ukulele! That is so cool. I think anyone who can play an instrument is super awesome =)
      Oh my gosh… I don’t know how you have time to blog at all working full time with Sylvia. I really admire that. My blogging is really taking a back burner. Ah well.
      I imagine I will get sick of hair damage – especially since I swim in a chlorine pool a couple of times a week, but it’s fun for now at least.

  3. Love the hair! Funny thing is that I have two blue-green hair dyes sitting upstairs for me to dye my hair. Great minds think a like? I like how you did just the tips, they look great with your eyes. I dyed my hair lots of funky colors in college, mostly pinks and oranges, I was too afraid to do blue because I hear you need a really good bleach job.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yay! Great minds definitely think alike! Yea… I’m not a fan of the bleach, but it seems to be the nicest bleach I’ve ever seen (or smelled). And since I only did part of my hair, it’s slightly less damaging and it will grow out.

  4. You look as fabulous as always girl! And like you, teal (turquoise) is my favorite colour. That’s why Andrew got me an amazing turquoise (surf green) guitar last year! I was very good at learning it until we got Chester… lol I need to get back into it. And learn the Ukulele too. We should do some Skype ukulele sessions together!

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