A Night Unplugged

My husband is a little technology obsessed. Before moving to Northern California, neither of us had even given a second thought to getting “smart phones”. We used our pay as you flip phones for emergencies. I think I had sent a total of 12 texts before I came here. That life seems so far away now… since moving here, we have smart phones. Everyone does. I felt like back in Ontario, I could get by without one. Most of my friends would poke fun at me, but some were just like me. That seems impossible here. Everyone seems to have their phones glued to their hands. Everyone is constantly talking, texting or looking up information. It’s a little disconcerting at times. Now don’t get me wrong. I think technology is a wonderful thing (hello fellow bloggers!). But sometimes I just want a break.

I challenged my husband to 1 night a week unplugged. Friday nights are our nights =) He gets in at 6pm and all techy things go away. No tv. No phones. No tablets or laptops. A night of peace and quiet. And a night of catching up without distractions and just being in tune with each other. It’s my favourite night of the week. And despite his grumbling for the first few minutes, I’m pretty sure he likes it too.

So what do we do on our unplugged nights? We start with supper and talking about our days (pretty standard actually). We take the pup for a walk (I usually go walking with a neighbour and our dogs, but Fridays is our night to walk together). Then we come in and play games for awhile, chat some more and usually read a bit before calling it a night.

Here are a few pictures from our nights:

Any other ideas for nights unplugged? Does anyone else do something like this sometimes?




11 thoughts on “A Night Unplugged

  1. Hi Kimmy, good for you two! I’m sure life is a little calmer when you’re unplugged one night a week.

    Ironically, I told myself that this semester, I’d make Sunday a no-electronics day. So far, I’ve accomplished that, let’s see…ZERO Sundays so far. :-/ I say it’s because I’m using all my willpower on the Adventure Cleanse…riiiight…;-) Maybe this weekend!

      1. Thanks Kimmy! In a twist of irony, I’m actually feeling so good on Kris Carr’s plan (minus the oil/salt), that I think I’m going to keep on doing it. So I’ll have to get to unplugging sooner or later. Any tips for avoiding electronics temptation?

        1. Ok Lee – you seem like the type of gal that stick to things (like this cleanse you are on). So the trick is just to start and once you do, you’ll stick with it no problem. Just pick 1 day a week (or like me, just a few hours a day once a week) and have that as part of your schedule. Just make sure you have other fun things to do, like playing games, reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk etc. It’s not so bad once it’s part of your schedule =)

  2. I’m proud of you guys for this as I know it’s so darn hard. I’ve been struggling to stay unplugged but I am always checking emails and it totally ruins my sleep. I have been trying to shut my email down earlier at night, but I wish someone would just take away my phone and lock it up for me.

    1. Thanks Pamela! It’s pretty fun so far. I admit that it can be difficult. Generally I have a rule of no technology for an hour before bed. It really helps me sleep. It’s not always easy to do though…

  3. I feel like if you moved back, you might find it has become the same here- I knew 1 person who didn’t have a smart phone, but he was so old fashioned in all the ways it made sense. EVERYONE else has one now! I was one of the last but now it seems so necessary and I don’t know how I’d get by without one!

    Good for you for unplugging! I looove board games :)

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