A Day in the City

Last Friday I had big plans. I was starting to finally feel better after getting the holiday cold (I swear, everyone in the area was getting it!) and I was ready to clean. I was actually excited to scrub & sanitize and tidy the place up.

And then my friend Di emailed me asking if I wanted to meet her in the city for lunch. I actually enjoy cleaning… but faced with the choice of hitting up the city to have lunch with a friend or staying indoors on an absolutely glorious day I will pick the former. Hands down. And I was not disappointed.

I took the pooch with me and we started by going for a short hike before meeting Di for lunch.

It was just 1 mile up to the vista, and a fairly easy hike at that, but we were graced with this at the top:

If you look at the top right, you can see Alcatraz. Oh and beneath it, that round thing – that there is the Palace of Fine Arts. It is still surreal that I live a short drive from these.

Thank goodness for friends who can tolerate dogs and friends who adore dogs and spoil my little Sunshine rotten. I think Di has given Sunny a present every single time she has seen her. I’ve only had her 6 weeks. Pretty sure Di gives her more gifts than I do haha ;p

I love this pic. It looks like she’s squirming, but I’m pretty sure she is just positioning to get a belly rub haha =)

We had a nice lunch together and then enjoyed a dessert in this cool park:

I of course forgot to snap a pic of my absolutely delicious lunch from Plant Café, but remembered to take this cute picture of Sunny enjoying some cashew butter in a kong.

Walking Di back to her office, I spotted these growing beside a little stream:

A girl could get used to this kind of “winter”.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Stay tuned Friday for a fun, new recipe & some exciting news!!

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