7-year Veganversary

Happy Veganversary to me!!!


Seven years ago today marks the change in my life I made for better health & wellness. Despite going vegan purely for health reasons in the beginning, the rest (animal welfare/equality/rights, the environment, etc) have fallen into place. I am not only healthier, but happier and more in tune with my body. I appreciate food more, have fallen in love with cooking and am so much more open to try new things. I have met amazing friends along the way and am excited to see how many more paths I will cross in future. Veganism has made me stronger, kinder, better, healthier, happier, fiercer and more balanced in life. I am grateful for those who inspired me to jump into a plant based lifestyle and hope I do the same for others 💖

It’s the perfect day to listen to the Dolls & Doughnuts podcast where two of my besties, Robin & Ashley, interview me.


11 thoughts on “7-year Veganversary

  1. Happy Veganversary, I am not vegan as you know, but my diet is almost vegan,,,but I have a way to go and would never call myself vegan unless I really was. Admire you for your choice and sticking with it.

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